Thursday, July 31, 2008

I pass my BM coursework. =)
I failed my E-commerce and IT tests.

Last presentation in the sem1 will be on next Thursday.
Uh...Hope I can do well this time as my IT last week.
I still have 1 narative writing haven't done. =\
Thinking of what kind of story to be write..
Any suggestion?? Hmmph...

I love KFC!
But I more love that time having KFC with
my previous school's friends last time.

I stood in front of the class and in the next second,
I found that I was staring at my feet.
I can't concentrate at that time and,
I can't manage to speak out what I memorized.
Oh my goodness. What I did?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you ask me what's my feeling after going to college,
You will get an answer sounded like this from me:
"I feel my life is full with tests and assignments ;
and will be ending up with tired and exhausted."

There's another presentation and assignment tomorrow. Ew.
I hate it. But I still must do it well as it counted as
coursework for me to pass my final exam in the end of semester..
I can't sit for my exam if I fail the coursework. Damn it.

Mr Time,
You come and now you go.
You move faster than what I can imagine.

I failed to catch you up.
What can I do is just stay and staring at you,
To move far and farer from me.

Can you wait for me?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I woke up in the morning,
And found that there was a dream,
A dream drives me to a place I do not like,
A dream shows that how cold are you,
A dream brings me away from you,
That was only a dream.
But the feeling likes it's just happened in the reality.
Tian Chia Chia, You are so DEAD. =.=
Everything come together at the same time.
I can't manage to handle all of 'em.

Come on, I'm lack of time!! What can I do?
Or what should I do?

We had been inform about that's 2 more tests
COMING SOON in Aug for AHMC 1074 before the Sept Exam.
2 more months and I will have 2 weeks for sem break..
Looking forward to the holidays but before that,
There's EXAMs. *sob sob*
EXAM: Hey friend, I miss you a lot.
Oh no, Please don't try and come to me, I'm totally do not like YOU!
Sweat, what am I doing?
I'm suppose to be with my AHMC1074 assignments NOW.
1 more page left and my assignment is complete! *Yelling*

Ala~ Just ignore me.
Some one asked me to post this up since last night..
Not really know that's for what...
But just help lorh.. =)

Fiona Loh

Monday, July 21, 2008

So tired.
Very tired.
Really tired.

This is what I feel after going to college.
I thought I can suit myself very soon,
To the new lifestyle,
But yet I'm not.

It is totally different from what I met
Last time in secondary school.

Tests tests, quizes quizes, tests tests.
'Ring ring ring'. *alarm*
Everyday wake up for tests and?
More tests i think.

Drive here and there,
Passing the same road everyday.
Only one road I'm missing a lot.
Jalan Gotlieb.
But I'm not stopping for PCGHS anymore.
And now my destination is farer.
Tanjung Bungah - TARc Penang.

Lack of time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

:How you know I will make this decision?
:From how much I know you.
:How much you know about me?
:Much more than you and I could imagine.

I'm waiting for you.
Waiting for you to come and hold my hands.
Waiting for you to come and bring me away.
Waiting for you to come and safe me out.

Things not mean to happen always happen.
No one could stop it and prevent it.
Wishes mean to come true never come true.
No body can create it and organize it.

Life always full of choices
And yet that's not really any better choice
To let us choose and make decision
For sometimes,someways or somethings.