Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to my dearest buddy Miss Ng See Man!!
woo hoo...Wow...16 year-old already..'old' liao la.
Well, I really hope you have a really nice birthday!
Hiak hiak hiak...*SURPRISE!*
Not bad huh..This year I still give tiok you surprise..
I'm so full NOW!!
I had 2 pieces of cake and a cup of coke at SM's house just now.
Afterwards I had my dinner again back to home.
Urghhh..Full full full....
Tommorow must wake up earlier and do some exercise already..XD
Anyway, Happy birthday...= )

Nice day everyone!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I don't mean to lose it.
And you know I can't lose it.

Should I? or shouldn't?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We need FORMAL wear for presentations??? o.O Damn it. That's mean I gotta go shopping to search pants and clothes. But wait. Formal?? Why formal?? And which kind of formal? I don't even have the chance to look how formal others are because of our group[out of 3] need to present in the 1st week. F*ck. [sorry my word]

I was in a bad mood just now. Totally bad.
I tried to control myself but I was like...ARGHHHH!!!
Well, of course I'm still success to cool myself down.

Could anyone tell me why?
Why the world sure will has something unfair happened?
No one wish to be unhappy.
No one wish to live sadly.
No one. None of us wish so.
But why this still happened?
Why there are so many things out of our control?
Why there are so many things we cant expect?
Why there are so many things keep on changing?
I don't understand WHY.
I just hope one day, HE will understand HER-his wife.
Nobody can know what will happen in the next second.
Nobody can guarantee how long we can stay in the world.
So please.
Just let she does whatever she hopes and wants , can?
At least for ONCE. Yea. Only once.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I wonder why all things change so fast.
Change in a fast speed.
I can't really follow the step and yet I can't stop it.
I wonder.

Everthing changed a lot.
Lifestyle, people, mind and so on.
Different positions will make the distance of people farer?
Nop?Yep? Yep.
I thought we will be fine and good.
Eventhough we are now in different ways.
I really thought distance isn't problems among us.
But I'm wrong.

The pledge we hold together shall be forget.
The promises we made shall be throw away.
Will you and me really be friends forever?
I start to doubt about this question.

Rain rain go away...

Friday, June 20, 2008



Help?What help?This help or that help and WHY help?
Oh gosh. College life. I don't like it.
Everyweek quizeSs ,testSss and then back to quizSs again.
Turning left? QuizeSs. Turning right? TestSs.
Left again? Back to QuizeSs lorh.
Non-stopiing. Without any break. Round and round and round.
and then........
Aha! I saw an EX! That must be an exit to escape from the circle.
Where it is? Over there~~! Then I rush to the only 'exit'.

WHAT?!! This ain't an exit but EXAM!
Urgh! EXit vs EXam..
eX - vs Ex- vs EX-.


Friday, June 13, 2008

I hope.
I wish.
and then,
I fall down from the cloud.

I wake up from the dream.,
in the middle of the night,
And found that I'm still staying alive.

Whispering to the star,
Murmuring a prayer,
I wonder the sky can hear me?

I do not want to lose everything.
I just want to protect everthing I'm having now.

Friday, June 6, 2008


I thought ,
You will always be with me.
I thought ,
You will always understand me.
I thought ,
You will always believe in me.

But you are not.
Those are just thoughts.