Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

30 June 2009
A big project completed in the evening.
Well. Thanks to FanFan to help me on some
of the planning so that it can run smoother.
Ok. About the planning.
Trying to ask permission from aunty if she lets
me to pick seeman up after her tuition class.
Haha. Phoned to seeman's house for three times to
get her mum but failed. Then I decided to phone
directly to her mum's handphone at the end.
Thanks aunty for allowing I go and fetch seeman!
Heh. First step of the plan is done!
Still can't let the birthay girl knows anything about
the planning. So, again, we lied. [Fan & I]
We act and talk whatever make she thinks I'm
not going to surprise her this year.
Nearly 7pm in the evening I sms Fan and picked
her up from her house then heading to find Soeeman.
We were just too excited to see how seeman looks
when she's surprise to see us instead of her mum
should be the one to take her back home.
There she is. Standing outside the center.
And here we go. We waved our hands.
She saw us and we are success!
She don't know we are going to fetch her.
Took her here and there [makan angin].
We just can't manage to stop teasing her.
So, she's quite pity in the whole journey.
Before we reached her house, we saw 288.
Her sis was going down the bus and went
to the mini market to buy her some sweets.
Waited her sis.
Then fetched her too.
(no need walk so far ma)
Thanks aunty for serving us the food and drinks.
Seeman so called-little fans gave her a present too!
Hahahaha... A bracelet in a strawberry-shaped box.
Sang Birthday day song to her,
with her siblings together.
They are cute and funny.
Afterwards, chit chat in her room.
Forgot what happened, but me and
her brother started to come out everything
got 'dou'... Then both of us say out
'dou kou!' at the same time and I hit his
head. (make wish ma!)
Great minds think a like.
Then her sis laugh again.
(she's actually keep laughing since the first day
I met her and I don't know why.)
SeeYun likes to laugh a lot, I supposed.
Hope you enjoy your birthday night with us.
The Present for her.

Soya,FanFan and chia.

Make a wish.

Blowing candles.
Shes actually blow in a very slow motion.
Maybe easier for us to take photo? XD

Cut the cake.

And EAT.


Aunty is busying to cut the cake. =)


The birthday girl.
Yay. She's using the cup I gave her last year.

Big Project to be DONE.

Big project to be done on TUESDAY.
Erm, now is already 1.27am so which is meant TODAY.
Heh. Today. I hope the project can run as smooth as I
wish, or more, more perfect than how it supposed to be.
I'm greedy, I admit. But so what? I put a lot of effort on
it and I do not wish it failed for sure, am I right?
The answer must be a YES, 120% YES.

Heh. Will post up every single step of the planning if
it runs successfully.

Stay tune everyone.

Help me to pray please. *praying hard*

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Another Saturday. This tim, I kidnapped SJ to
Esplanet cause I felt like playing kite. XD

Frankly, kite is not hard to play and its really FUN!
And this is our kite. =) RM12.

See? High? XD

'Somebody' is playing the kite.
Thanks to the uncle for teching us. He is kind.
And a little Malay child. He was just too friendly for me
untill I scare he will just take my kite and runaway. >.<
After dinner we went makan angin. And passed xuan's house.
XD [xuan: hehehehe... unexpected leh.. =)]
Today- Sunday.
Woke up by mum at 8something. And I felt so sleepy!
Then went out for breakfast and visited ahma.
After home, I lied on my bed and the phone rang.
It's Ms Ngu.
:Hello Ms Ngu.
:Hey ChiaChia..
Blah Blah Blah. Few minutes later, I'm at downstair and
asking my mum to drop me a Queensbay later.
And you know why. Yep, Ms Ngu asked me out.
Nice shopping we had. We bought the same design of
watch but with different colour. Simple and Nice. =)
Thanks Ms Ngu for bringing me to the mamak stall
and the dinner. =)

Nice weekend. Hope the next whole week will run
smoothly and nice everyday. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your face,
Just too unfamiliar,
For me, anymore.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thai Food

Happy Papas' Day.
I woke up in 10smoething today.
And found no one is at home except the only
me in sleepy face standing near to the window and
search for my family. No car left.
They are gone. So how? Phoned mummy up.
They are not going to come home so soon,
so, I cooked la. What more do you expect
when you are left out in the Sunday cause
nobody ask you wake up in the morning?
The 'Brunch' of the day.
How could I left out the nescafe right?
The yummy maggie mee,
I added some sausages and egg.
Aunty Agnes dropped popo at our house and
we watched the DVD she brought.
Dinner time.
At first, popo wanted to eat Mee Udang.
But the shop we usually go do not open.
So, we ended up by having our dinner at
Bukit Genting Kecil.
Nice Thai Food.

The fishy.
Balacan? Chicken. Owh. Chicken Wings!

TomYam! Yummy Yummy!!!

Everyone is busying to eat.


Nice view!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Post. XD

19th June 2009
EGATE! Hang out with my dearest buddies!
-EeLin, YanTing, SzeMin, Momo and XiaoHui.
But it is because EeLin is going back to Aus
after she spent her 3 weeks holidays in M'sia.
How sad, we are going to seperate again.
But never mind la, just remember what I told
you before : We are just far apart from each other
in 2 metre distance if we are chatting online. =)
Cheer kay? Miss you! *hugs*
We made a lot of noise in the restaurant.
Sorry for the other customers. We apologized for
our sampatness. XD
Met Cheow Ying too, and she said I can be friend
with Pola Bear- I was a bit too cold the whole night.
Hahaha. Unexpected la, when meeting her.
Nice to know she's still remember me huh?

20th June 2009
Another Saturday. And this is the 4th Saturday I went
out with SJ continuosly every Saturday since 30th May.
So erm, lets recall the memory.

The first saturday -30th May 2009
Put Yen Yee them airoplane and watched
-Night At The Museum 2. Then blew the bubble at
Gurney Drive and met momo. =)

The 2nd saturday -6th June 2009
Went to Youth Park and chat there for few hours.
We played the swings and the sports facilities. =)
Afterwards, went to her house and watch TV together
with her parents. Haha.

The 3rd Saturday -13th June 2009
Uh huh. Another Youth Park Day.
We played badminton in Jeans and it's really weird
and funny for both of us doing sports in Jeans I guess.
Cause there were so many people passed by and stare
at us. But who cares? It was fun to badminton.
I had been a very long time didn't play badminton.
Fortunately we both still manage to play it huh? =)
KFC was our dinner that time and I saw a penghua
Form5 prefect eating KFC with her parents. Her name
is Esther if I'm not mistaken. Haha.

The 4th Saturday -20th June 2009
We went to makan angin at Tanjung Bungah.
I meant, I fetched her to the 'shui chi lu' and try to
search where is the Toy Museum. But, it was already
close after we got it. Never mind, headed to Botanical
Garden. Hehehe.. I love Ice-cream! Ate my favourite
- Chocolate Ice-cream. Saw two pairs of pengantin
taking photo.. Haha... We walked, and found that
the Botanical Garden is really big and nice! We never
knew we have a so big and peaceful ground in our very
own country and it is exactly in our very own state
- Penang. OhMYGOD. I was a kind of, too bad here
don't have any Sheep or goat or cow or whatever.
SJ said if there was, maybe we had been eaten.
I told her don't take me as an idiot, none of them eat
people, in fact, they only eat GRASS! See my point?
Had our dinner at OneStop. I'm not sure the shop is
on which floor but NICE I meant the food. And I like
the wall designed. =) I drived her home.
We sat in my car for maybe half hour by just talking,
outside her house, cause I felt weird to appear
again in her house and watching TV with her parents.
I wish I could jump into the stream.

Can you imagine we have a big field which
allow us to sit there and maybe pinic or
play the kites? This is only a part of it.

My wand. =) , and The wall I like.
Looked yummy right?

Ha, that night, my brother fetch me back.
That was his very first time to drive from CLHS to home.
I tell you I tell you, OHMYGOD. You can't imagine
how dangerous it was. He just stop the car in the middle
of the road! But the car engine is still on! And I'm mad
and try to cool myself down and teach him what to do!
Well, the car finally move but in a very low low low speed.
And do you know what he told me after few times he
'sei fo'? He said: Owh! I'm just realised that I took the
break as 'oil'. WTH. Can you imagine I was actually putting
myself in dangerous esspecially it is at night!
He even want to open the light in the car for the whole
journey and only switched it off after I told him it is breaking
rules if he really open the light the whole journey.
Could you imagine what was my feeling that time?
Urghh. Man. I don't understand how he got his license in
that way. He seemed not really pass in driving.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Went Queensbay to meet with EeLin today..XD
Well, she fat ki! I meant, not really fat but
not as thin as last time anymore! =)
We talked a lot at Starbuck. ^^
Thanks EeLin for the Iced Blended Chocolate.
It is really nice.. Haha..
Siao EeLin... XD

Our 'sampat' face.. =)
I miss the time we sit beside each other!
Which we talked about our unhappy things,
people's back words... *shhhhh*
We laugh, we ki siao and we cried together.
I miss the time I keep bully you!
Take care ya, when you going back to Aus.
We will miss you!