Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feng Wei....

MPH- Rainforest...XD


Still at MPH..

Gurney day.

Met up with Xing, Juan and Hoong...XD
But saw Fifi and Chuen Yin outside popular.
Wow! Chuen Yin Changed A LOT!
I can't really recognise her you know.
She dyed her hair and wear lens...
And Fifi, doesn't change much.. But both of us was
like..Eh? Stranger as too long didn't meet up already.
And saw Vayshna with her sis too...
[I guess she was going to buy her Law Books..XD]

Had my lunch with SJ at 'Feng Wei'... I odered a 醉雞面...
Quite nice, and after ate it , I really have the feeling of '醉'..
Bought 2 books at Popular... Hmmph...Actually got more
books to buy but too sad I can't buy all of them...
Otherwise, I will 'pok gai' very soon..

At 8 something in the evening, I went soya's house.
Took something for her sis coz I know she's not at home.
Soya's sis, thanks ya for helping me.
Hmmph, her mum taught me how to open the water. XD
Haha.. And I think I acted like an alient at their house again.
Because when I went there, her siblings stood near to the
door and watching their mum teaching me to open the
gate and water pipe and so on.. Ahahahaha..

Afterwards, balik rumah mandi. Then went airport.
Fetch my uncle and aunty. Wahhhhh...tired and tired.
Reach home then lie on the bed. Waiting people miss call me.
Wait and wait and wait. My phone rang. Yay.
Miss called she back. Then fell asleep.

Soya, 一路順風...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Boring EP lecture in the morning.
Afterwards, MingMing, KahChun,sis HooiImm,
Vayshna and me ,5 of us went to canteen and
'da bao' the 'geng jeh bui' ... Cause we don't have enough
time to finish our lunch before PR tutorial class but
then at the same time we were hungry.

Finally, the class end at 2pm and we started having
our yummy lunch in the classroom.
See? How poor we are, must eat cold rice leh.. =.=

Then Chinese lecture. I like a santence said by Dr Goh.
: 影子其實就是思念...

Class dismiss, I went liu liu jie's house [hooi imm]...
Sorry for disturbing ya.. Between, I'm a fast driving
driver..XDXD Please make sure you bought an
insurance before you take my car. *evil laugh*

Decided to go Gurney to buy something..
Unexpectedly...When I walked to the escalator, I saw
Wan Wan..And she told me: Lee Mei is coming with us,
she's now at the apple donut's shop.
Lolx..Okay, then I went down and found'em.
-Juan Juan and Lee Mei.. XD
Happy Birthday to Juan anyway..
Hope you like that card lah.. *smile*
Thanks for the donut..It's nice.
*I saw it. And it makes my heart bleeds.
*My heart is bleeding in this dark lonely night.
That's all for today.
I hope tommorow will be a nice day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Too mou liu. That's why
you will see some photox. XD

Chritsmas is coming SOON everyone! XD

.Gurney Plaza.

.The New Wings.

.My College.
.Swimming pool.

Thursday, Ping Pong day.

We had women and men double competition.
Not too bad the result as Kelleen and me get
4th placing in the compete.. [Actually we don't know
each other but need to pair up too.Nice to meet you]

There was a 2 hours extra practice in the evening.

Chen Chen and chia v Eng Koo and Mr B

Mr C and Mr A[chen chen].

Mr B.


Practising...Chen Chen v Lay Yin

Tea-time with classmates... [On the way back]

This char koay teow cost RM3. What??!!

Same type of car and same Number with mine!

Mine was PEM 8348... XD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another rainy day.

: Hai, my sister asked me are you a mixed? *smile*
: Huh? Who? *shock*
: My sister. That 1 stand beside you during sport
dance. *smile*
: Owh, that..At first I thought she was you. *smile*
: Haha, so, are you a mixed? [actually I know she's not]
: Haha, I'm not. *smile*

See? I talked to her! One of the girl I thought who are
quite pretty and I'm admiring her beautifullness..XD

The lecturer made me sing twice..again... In the class.

Miss Hooi Im ! You were so cool today during Chinese's
class... Woo hoo, and I like the poem you wrote for
your boyfriend, with the ending of I Love You. XDXD

Monday, November 24, 2008










Sunday, November 23, 2008

or should I say Bonsoir as now is already 11.40pm?


I had a half nice half bad day.. ' =/ vs =) '
At first, I thought my mum wanna go to eat
Curry Mee so I woke up at 9am. Mana tau,
she brought me to temple and ate 'vegetable'..
Okay, it's still ok for me... =]
Secondly, we went Queensbay today.
I pok gai laaaaa...........
Know what, I fell down from the escalator..T_T
Luckily at the monent there were only my family
and 2 shoppers as there was only 10.50am..*phoo*
Abo then...very mempersiasuikan...
An 18 year old girls fall down....tsk tsk...
BUT! My knees.......waaaaa...PAIN!
Okay, then I bought plaster from the pharmacy...
And I went popular to meet my mum.
Pain+bleeding knee. Then I bought my stuff~
200sheets A4 papers, 6 highlighters, 2 liquid papers.
XD =) =] =3 =D

At jusco, we bought quite a lot snacks.
For what? For my stud bro to his Singapore trip lorh..
And also..For next week Genting again lorh...
Genting...Genting...Genting again...OMG.
Nescafe..Thanks mum for buying me 2 packs of it...
My beloved Nescafe....
But, my right knee was still bleeding at that time.
.Someone told me you are chasing another people.
.I feel like asking you is that real?
.But too sad I don't have the brave to do so.
.If it's real, should I be happy?
.Ok , I told my self,
.If that's real, I will be happy..=)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Printed my Law's assignment at JE then I online at
foyer and chit-chat with Judah.
Nothing special during EP and PR classes.
Pai Hui was being weird and funny in the classroom.
She slept on my legs [ok I know it is nice to sleep] and
sang as loud as she can..esspecially 'Prince's New Shirt'
Ming Ming was playing the puzzle bubble in my hp.
Kah Chun was doing the PR tutoriol questions.
Hooi Im was sleeping and I was doing nothing... =)


Chinese Modern Writing lecture at DKD.
Mr G is searching someone to read the poem and I know he
is searching for a girl in Y1M56 but too sad she went to the
toilet. Okay then I'm busying looking arround but suddenly
I heard my name 'chia chia'... Huh?
:Got someone named Chia Chia?Who is Chia Chia?
:OK,You read it.
Sweat. Me?? Kena me pulak.
Then after 10minutes, Mr G mentioned "dao xiang"
which is one of Jay Chou's new songs.. He said the lyrics
is actually try to show us some messages about life and
demanded anyone from the class to sing a part of it in
the class. Then we was like...Doraemon!!!
I don't really know what happened. I heard my name again.
My lovely classmates was calling my name : Chia Chia.....!
Huh?Me. AGAIN??
:Ok, student Chia Chia, you can sing now.
And the next second, the whole lecture hall was become so
very quiet. 'OMG' Cool down cool down. I told myself.
Take a deep breath and, I sang, in the class.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aujourd'hui cest 20 novembre 2008.

Firstly, I'm tired+sleepy+exhausted+dying.
Secondly, I'm busy busy and busy.
Thirdly, I would like to have a cup of coffee NOW.

Today was table tennis competition and BM presentation
days. Listen. I admire myself. W-H-Y?
Aha. Today I get 2nd place for the Ping Pong competition
in the category of female single.. XD *yelling*
After the 'game' and cooling down Ms Lim said there was
another presentation for those who haven't do it last week.
Then I was like : SHIT! I have BM presentation at
11.30am and it seems like my cocu wouldn't end on time!
So, I walked to Ms Lim: Ms Lim , can I leave earlier?
Why? Because I have presentation at 11.30.
Then she looked at her watch while it showed us it is
11.40am right now. Okay, you can leave now.
S-T-U-P-I-D! My heart was screaming. Damn it.
Then I rushed to the toilet by using the dangerous shortcut
[if not becarefull will fall down to the stream] from canteen
to SOT blocks. I used 3 minutes to change my sportwear
to formal wear including the shoes. But I forgot the
presentation room is on 1st floor. Uh Oh. My legs...
Ok , ignore it.. Walked as soon as possible to the classroom.
Phoo. Look inside, it's Ling2's turn.
Oh my god! I'm the next one.
Cool down cool down. I revised the points I'm going to
present. Great, I still remember all those points.
Then I get into the class.
:Minta maaf Ms Chan, Saya ada koku tadi jadi saya lewat.
My turn. Gosh. My mind was blank. T_____________T
5 minutes presentation passed. *sob sob*


I drove my car back to my home with a sleepy mode.
Then I reached my home, I online awhile for nothing.
After I bathe. I opened my laptop and plug in my pendrive.
Where is my Mass Media Lay file??? My assignment!
Lost from my pendrive. Must be JE. Deleted it.
Sigh..10 something pages you know, and I gotta re-type
all of it by myself. At the same time, SM is helping me to
download the software of my printer. And I'm doing my
law assignment+asking stupid sis to dl the software+
scolding by her + thinking how to pass the things i print
for SM+Vivian phoned me+Erica phoned me+ Ying Pei
phoned me[both for the law assignment but diff group
from me].... See?? ? I'm super girl~~ =.='''


***********************THE END***********************

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our PR Assignment.

The proposal.. See me? The 2nd photo.

The assignment...

The box...

The Press-Kit...

The product [Lingerie set but i guess u cant see the
guy's underwear.

The Flyers...

Well, it was our presentation days for AHMC 2424.
Our group not bad!!! Owh..How sweet to know it.
Thanks to the presentors Vivian and Lynn..
And thanks all the group members which had put
a lot of effort on it.. XD
There was some misunerstanding before...
But I guess nobody care bout that anymore.
Coz we are finally done perfectly! Good JOB!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Feel lazy to update my blog nowadays.
Well, you might ask: Why?
And this will be my answer : Because I feel tired
of all of the assignments and presentations so I'm
lazy to update it yet,lake of time is the MAIN reason.

11 Tuesday 2008
Happy Brthday to KKY. We went redbox to celebrate
her 18th birthday. XD Owh, another sweet memories
my beloved 'G'-rianZ. Cool huh, we 'dance' in the room!
Come on... DANCE. Esspecially Lao Lin and me. We
both were crazy, man. Sing sing dance dance.. Somemore
the dancing pose were so... =.=''' [sweat].
p/s: I never know Li Sean can sing so nice
' coz never really heard she sings before...XDXD

12 Wednesday 2008
Nothing special for today.
But I attended a 3 people French class as there should
have 7 people. Winnie, Daniel and me. Okay, plus the
teacher. So, it is only 4 person. Aujourd'hui, je porte
un tee-shirt, des baskets et un short.
We learned the clothes' name.

13 Thursday 2008
Daddy! Happy Birthday!!!
A pigeon flies in to my parents' bedroom last evening.
No matter how I chase it out, it still stand on the light.
After a few moment it only flies out..
Then I told ma dad about that. And my daddy give me
this kind of response : Good lah, pigeon also want to
wish me happy birthday la. GOSH. =.=
So, mum told me, if the pigeon pang sai in their room,
I might ask daddy to clean it up... *evil laugh*

We need to re-do the BM Lanjutan's assignment...
Not only us la, I mean the entire class. Poor us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I reached college at 8.58 in the morning but I'm
having my class at 10.30am. So, I decided to go
to the canteen and had a nasi lemak and a cup of
my favourite drinks -nescafe.. After breakfast, I
walked around the school which are silent. I saw
the man workers are busying to cut the grass with
the noisy machine. And for now, I'm in the college's
lab again to search the net. Well. Sleepy. 40 more
minutes to go through.

Owh. Yesterday presentation was sucks. I can't
believe I sing in the class in front of the lecturer.
Margaret: Hey, where is the demonstration?
Me: Huh? oh...Okay.. And then a hero comes along....
The lyrics of 'Bye Bye' recall me the memory when my
grandfather passed away last year. Then potato said she
never listen to the song before. Never? Ok. I sing lo.
:This is for my people who just lost somebody Your best
friend your baby your man or your lady Put you hand
way up high We will never say bye...
Frankly, I'm nervous when I was presenting. So,
I forget a part which made my presentation
cannot reach even 4 minutes. Owh... Say 'bye bye'
to my marks... T____________T *sob*

I admire Vivian. She's really smart.
How smart is she? Well,smarter than what you can imagine.
XD.... No Chinese tutorial classs for today..
So I'm going to redbox to meet up with my lovely G-mates
to celebrate Kah Ying's birthday.. *yelling*

p/s: Soya, last paper today..wish ya good luck..XD

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Project+ing at Queensbay- Starbucks.
o.O 'Fake' product.
What is the other words of 'fake'??
Then all of us was like..Aiya.. Forget already.
Then Lynn phoned her mum, Vivian phone
her friends, I phoned Xx.
4 of us.. Spent 3 and a half hours at Starbucks.
For our BM Lanjutan assignment. =.=

Someone is 'curi tungan'.

The CEO- Wong Vivian.

The ass. CEO- Lynn.
'Chia! You're the only one who still got the heart
for our assignment!' *smile*
I used 1 and a half hour to do this 5 graphs. Gawd.
After project, we finally had our lunch at Pasar Bayan
Baru at nearly 3 in the afternoon. Tom Yam ! *yummy*
We bought daddy his birthday present last night!
K530i. See? A handphone.
Then mummy bring me to pasar malam and we ate
LOK LOK!! *evil laugh*

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chinese lecture.
Well, as usual, we have fun in the class again.
But today really...... 's-w-e-a-t'.
The 1st slide of the lecture was :‘情趣小品’
情趣。The lecturer asked us know what about the 2
words, all of us laugh loudly and I guess we thought
of the 'yellowish' stuff. So he asked : Who have been
going to the 情趣shop at Prangin Mall before?
8 students raised up their hands. Then the lecturer
asked again: What are the things sold in the shop?
The student answered: Condom and s.m. stuff.
:What is 's.m' stand for?
: .....
: Okay, I would like to let you all know what is s.m.
At the same time, a aunty went in and you can
imagine all of us laugh again cause we are waiting the
lecturer to explain the 's.m' and there's a aunty inside
the lecture hall! Ehem ehem.. Okay, I admire my
lecturer. He can act like nothing and continue with
his lesson sounded like this : S.M is...When the couple
is doing 'that kind' of stuff [他們在做那回事的時候],
they use the unproper way to..... AND, S.M is stand
for 'S'lave and 'M'aster..
:Do you ever watched 'yellow' film?
:Yes, I do. Wow.
The guy was so brave to admit it.
Yesterday Mr B recognised the wrong people .It's my
another friend which was wearing the same colour of shirt

with me. I was playing table tennis with Pai Hui and
suddenly,I heard someone calling me. And guess what I saw?
I saw Mr B is calling Ying Pei as 'Chia Chia'.. :Chia Chia!
Lend me your ball please! Wei! Lend me la. And Ying Pei
wasn't notice Mr B is calling her. Then we was like...Huh? She's
not Chia la..Again. We laugh la. As loud as we can.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Aujourd'hui, c'est jeudi six novembre 2008.
Ping Pong again lorh..
Test today. Test what? Service lo..
Haiyoyo.. I missed 2 balls out of 20.. T_T
No more full marks... So sad.
Streching. Gawd. I think I pulled tiok my 'gin'..
Or maybe shiam tiok.. Or zhek tiok or what...
Walao... Pain! Untill I breathe also hard.. =.=
Next week..Next week....
Look, next week got 3 presentationS!!
Hey-yo. English, Ping Pong and BM Lanjutan..
Waaa...Die lo..Need to memorise so many things..

p/s: Wow. Today 2 girls whom I think they are
pretty talked to me.. Unexpected. One was smiling
and say 'bye bye' to me as we don't know each other.
Another one came and asked Pai Hui and me to help
her to answer the borang soal selidik of BM Lanjutan
when we were chit-chating in the canteen... XDXD
I know.. It is nothing to do with this BUT don't you
think that if someone you admire or 'xin shang' talked
to you without ur expectation you will feel happy? =)
No matter you admire him/her pretty or handsome.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I found my older blog's URL in my form4
notesbook. I read some of the article and draw a
conclusion. My English was so damn ewwww.
I know I know, my English is not good compare with
others by now but at least I saw the improvement.
Next Monday will be my English For Communication's
presentation. Uh oh. I have no idea more about my
topic- Mariah Carey. Although I had already draw
an outline. *doink*
Formal wear? Non-formal? Formal? Non-formal?
7.5/10 marks for my sumary. =.='''
Aye! Thanks Pai Hui for teaching me how to correct
my 1st sentance. XD
So sad I do not have the chance to see Vayshna dances.
Lalala.. I tried out dancing last saturday.Okay okay,
I only know small part of We're All In This Together.

This is the video clip of the 1st group... In the canteen..
Sport Dance [TEST]...

Soya, I miss you a LOT...*smile*
4th November of 2008,
You left us,
Left the world,
Six years ago.

Only us ,
Stay in the cruel world,
the hopeless world,
Without your present.

I miss you here,
Siblings miss you here,
All of us are missing you.
Do you still remember us,
Even you had move to another world?

I don't know where are you recently,
I don't know all the things about you now,
And I know I won't get the answer,
From you , from anywhere.

I just want to say,
We do love you,
No matter how long you left us.
And no matter where you are.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Kelsi and Ryan

Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton
I wanna watch HSM3.
Wee...Graduation. High School. *sob*
I miss my high school's life A LOT.
I miss my buddy , my friends , my teachers A LOT.
I miss the way I act childish and immature A LOT.
I miss the time I be with my siao lala friends A LOT.
I miss the days waiting for school bus.
I miss the days playing and yelling in the classrooms.
I miss the days we have our meal together in canteen.
I miss the days we wave our hands to each other
through Block 98 and block 93.
I miss the days we sing loudly in the class.
I miss the days we sit on the floor and chit-chat.
I miss the days we laugh and cry together.
I miss you,my friend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

:'@$#^*& '. What the ....!
S-t-u-p-i-d !!! I can't stand you anymore.
Actually I felt like to shout at you : SHUT UP!
Do you realize we are beh siok+ing you?
Hello, please use ur brain before you do anything
can or not? You got brain what? Aren't you?
You have mouth but you don't have handS.
You have brain but you do not use it.
Please la, simple work don't wanna do then you
choose the complicated works. We don't have
too much time for you to waste you know!
We are a team , a group and not a plate of sand.
This is the last time I be in the same group with
you I swear. No more next time!NO M-O-R-E!