Friday, April 30, 2010

Say Bye To Kumon

30th April 2010
It was the last day I worked at Kumon
after been there for a year plus.
Working part-time as assistant at Kumon
isn't too bad but yet fun, I supposed.
I learnt not least in this one year
And yet
Too much to say.
With Annie.

With Edmund.






Malaysian. Wen Cherng.

Japanese who speak Mandrin. Anjyu Higo.

From Belgium. Jereon.

England. Lyana Marie Cremnitz.
(Banana Married Crab-meat)

Drawing from my favourite student, Lyana.
Thank You.
One sentense will always remind me about Kumon.
"Anywhere got flowers, Must have Bee!"
Copied from Lyana's Shirt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It'e me. =D
Was at OldJane house and sat on her bed.
Hey Jane, I personally love this picture
so MUCH. Trust me. Heh.
Thanks for testing your cam so that
I can manage to get this picture. X)
And..Yay. I get to visit your house before
we are graduate (ohh~ how sad).
But anyway, I'm going to MISS you.
Remember we want webcam ya!


開玩笑 這可是沛慈親自設計的





Where it is? This is one of the road in
Tanjung Bungah which near to my
college- TarCollege (Penang).

And this?
This is the road before turning in the
Padang Polo (Before Disted).

Took this at Gurney's Carpark.
Nice scene huh? I meant the sea.

Near Pesta. This road is always full
of trees. =D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone lost her contact lists

As what I said. I'm going to sms some one since
she couldnt reply or what. But I never thought
will get any reply shown as below because I thought
her phone is not 'ready' to function yet.
So and well. The story begins.

Me : =)
Honey: May I know who are you?
Me : Who are u?
[I was shocked to get this reply, who am I?]
Me : Are u Jay chou?
[At once, I thought I sent to wrong number to make sure I didn't, I sent this.]
Honey: O.o max i know who are you.
Sorry i lost my contact
[okay.Target confirmed.]
Me : How sad i am. Im pretty sure even if i lost my
contact lists, i cn rmb ur number for sure.
Honey: Hey sorry i'm bad at memorizing numbers.
Tel me who are you la
Me : Its ok. Just thought me as anonymous then.
2ml gt school, rest earlier. Nitez.
Honey: Darl?
Me : O.o
[Actually this emoticon means: eh?how u know its me.]
Honey: Err wrong then. Paiseh woei tel me la
[but wrong interpretion from the other side.]

Then.. No reply anymore. =(

I wonder how she will find out who is the owner of this number. X)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mass Communication Night 2010

Date: 31st March 2010
Time: 7.30PM-11PM
Venue: Cititel (Perdana 4)
MC: Vayshnavee, K.C. Tan
Presented by Tarc Penang DPR Year 2 Students

This is OUR night. Yes. It is!
Just hooray. Everyone wore just NICE.

Never knew that Ms Ngu can be so, PRETTY!
Okay, she is pretty enough but tonight was
prettier! X) You can't really recognize her
from her dressing today. Heh.
Oh ya. She draw her own the luckydraw.
How lucky she is. But unlucky too, cause
she was keep picking up those 'unwanted' number.

Ms Louise a bit dissapointed us la.
She didn't wear gaun or any sexy dress etc.
BUT. Frankly. She looked so very young tonight
until I couldn't believe that she is actually our
lecturer! Yea. And she and Ms Lim is the most
enjoyable lecturer tonight with all kinds of games,
shouting here and there, act on the stage and
sexy dance somemore. *wow*

Ms Lim is sporting, too. And making fun the
whole night. She is even more outstanding than
students tonight. I would like to say, Ms Lim is
really cute for sometimes. =)

So, here comes the result for,
Prom King : T.P. Neoh
Prom Queen: Wong Vivian
The best costume (Guy): K.C. Tan
The best costume (Girl): Sandy

Well. I guessed everyone was enjoyed themselves.
And so I am.

Photo will be uploaded SOON.