Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X'mas

Hey-yo! Merry X'mas!

Long time didn't blog...
I can write nothing for now...

Oh yeah.
Narnia was nice...
Just finished watching this movie...

I love driving (speeding) in the middle of the night!
It's fun, and cool! =P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

27th Oct 2010

This is the 2nd week of 2nd semester since I came to Utar.
Overall result wasn't too bad but still, I failed my IPC.
LooOOOooOOoooOOOooong sigh.

I think I had gone through the bad moments and here comes
the recovery stage in Culture Shocks theory...
Kampar is not a place full with entertainments but frankly,
it is a beautiful place for sure...

I like the sky, the environment, my friends and mates here..
It's pretty cool to get to know closer friends in university...
It's kind of enjoyable when we all making fun of each other
during classes or lectures... =D

I only take 2 subject in this semester..
So, I'm only having classes on Wed and Thu.
Which mean I'm pretty free in this semester... X)

Till then, See ya..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I miss every single part of my house.
And I'm now in Penang again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Oui. Nous sommes fous.
Went KL.
Too bad we don't have the chance to meet up
with Ming, HooiIm, KahChun and others.
Owh. I miss them so much.
Might plan another trip to KL to meet them up!
Going back to Penang soon.
I might get to eat a lot of things again.
Lol. How could I stop eating if I go back to Penang,
The Island which is fulled of all kinds of Food?
I love Penang!
Je t'aime , Penáng!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010



I wish to own a camera.
To take down all the memorable scenes in my daily life.
But I know some of the people will claim that,
Our eyes are the most perfect camera,
And minds are the best photo album in the world.

I just don't trust that I will remember every single
meaningful scene that happened everyday,
Till the end of my life.


I read a beautiful poem(or I should said literature)recently.
By Rabindranath Tagore

Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly
away.And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs,
flutter and fall there with a sigh.

O troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your
footprints in my words.

The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.
It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.

It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom.

Let this be my last word, that I trust in thy love.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I wanna go home...

I want to go home~

Go back to Penang...

I wanna watch Eclipse...
I wanna shopping...
I wanna eat and eat and eat...
I wanna go home~~~~~~

Monday, July 12, 2010

12nd July 2010

This is week 7, Monday.

Midterm is coming soon and...
There are still lotsa assignmentS
Waiting for me around the corner.

Study...sTudy... stUdy... stuDy...
STUDY. For midterm.
I wanna pass pass PASS.

Actually I like the way how the lecturer of
Pengajian Malaysia lectured.
It was like she's telling us the stories in the pass.
Though I do hate the subject's assignment.

Ah. MMT midterm tomorrow... >"<
Wish me luck.

Till then. Bye~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Okay. Here I am, again, FINALLY.

Convo is over. *sigh*
I miss all of them in Tarc Penang.
PaiHui, Ming, Vaysh, Sis 66, KC, Vivian etc... =(
Do keep in touch Okay?


This is the 5th week I stay in Kampar.
Everything is actually run smoothly until my mind
is loaded by assignmentS, Assignments and aSsIgNmenTs.

What more do you think,
Anything else other than ASSIGNMENTS?

Oh. I joined the music club of UTAR.
And you will never thought I will join the choir too.
Frankly, I never thought that I will involve myself
in any choir activity in my entire life.
But YES. I'm in the choir, NOW.
Sorprano somemore. OHMYGOD. Sorprano.

For those who don't know how am I going to Uni
everyday, I ride. YES. Riding bicycle.
Hope I can keep fit but I don't reallt think it works.

And I'm actually renting a single-bedroom at Eastlake.
Eastlake is so-called forest area compare to Westlake.
Because most of the Utarians stay at Westlake and,
NewTown is at Westlake with all kinds of shoplots
and restaurants, including CC. YEAH.
As you know. Students like to 'yam cha' in the midnight.
Especially this FIFA season.
So you can still seeing students walking here and there
in the middle of the night at westlake area.

Kampar always rain and rain and rain and rain.
Non-stop. Until I have to cycle in the rain after school.
You know the weather is so UNpredictable.
Before you enter the lecture hall,
the sun is shining up on the sky.
After you finish the lecture and come out,
it might be raining, heavily.

I think I should buy myself a raincoat.
Umbrella helps nothing.

Till then.

[P.s: Vaysh, updated. =D ]
[P.p.s: Ming, Nah. you said you don't read chinese blog.]

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Brand new starting point is now here.
Where am I now?
I'm on the way to reach my future.

Just give me some times,
To suit myself in the new environment.
I'm sure I will get used to it soon.

Kampar, Here I come!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd May 2010

Packing almost done.
How bout my mind?
Should be prepared to accept the new life, I supposed.

My feeling is just like the hot weather, excited.
Excited to leave and start my brand new independent life.
Excited to enjoy the life as a student in University.
Excited to own a 100% fully freedom out of my parents' sight.
I'm excited and yet heavy.

7 days left.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farewell with Ms Violin Ngu

Hang out with Ms Ngu yesterday at Queensbay.
Because she is leaving SOON, too.
Same with me, end of this month (May).
Places of the day:
Here she is, Ms Violin Ngu.
Well Ms Ngu
Enjoy your vacation and
All the best for your new life in Sarawak!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bye, Tarc.

I'm officially graduate from Diploma Level!
Two A- ! Nyahahahaha.
For the very last semester.
And I manage to hit 3.0 and above for my CGPA!
Here comes the Graduation List.
Saw my name? XD
Congratz to anyone who finished their diploma too!


See you all on convocation~

Monday, May 10, 2010


She left,
You are gone,
And I'm leaving, too.

Is May a leaving month?
I wonder.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To You.

You left.
Even earlier than me.

Life is always unpredicted and I never thought
you will be leaving Penang earlier than me.

I wish. You enjoy your one year study life at
Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang.

All the best, soya.
All the best, BFF.

I will miss you always, no matter where you are.

Take care.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KL Trip.

Date: 1st & 2nd of May 2010

As my sister is going to further her study in KL,
We went there to 'visit' her hostel lorh.

I didn't sleep as we are going to depart at 4.30am.
So what I did while waiting the time to pass?
Facebook lorh.
Time flies and everything well-prepared. Depart.
We met uncles, aunties and popo at Juru resthouse.
Yeah. Three family go KL together. Travel ma.
Plan to sleep on the car but I'm actually don't.
Why? Cause I had switch to Uncle Liang's car.
And can't really sleep la. Excited what. (I do?)
So we just sing here and there during the journey.
Around 8.30am, we finally reached.
The first destination will of cause somewhere we can
have our breakfast la. So hungry you know.
But...DimSum again. Penang also got DimSum la.==
After breakfast we headed to Chee's hostel.
O.o I felt so so so so lucky that my rooom in Kampar
is much more bigger than hers and she's actually
share the room with another 2 roomates!
Owh.. How poor she is. But ok la. At least they know
each other. Better than share with strangers right?
After that. Mid Valley. On the way to Mid Valley,
I finally fell asleep. But when I woke up and stared
outside the window, guess who I saw?
It's A-Niu. I was like :
"Am I dreaming? This people look so familiar."
Then the people look at my direction, too.
The next second then only I said:
"Is that A-Niu?"
And my popo and aunty Agnes so excited.
Yeah. It was him. And he waved at us.
Well well well. I don't like Mid Valley.
Too much people for me.
I would prefer Gurney or Queensbay more.
I spent my time at the Coffee Bean with uncle Liang.
Yay. Cappucinno again lorh. I was too lazy to walk.
Too bad Honey was in IKEA that time and they cancled
they plan to IKEA. If not ma can meet up d lorh. =(
Afterwards went to Uncle Raymond's friends' houses.
Ánd we went Kajang to eat satay. Ate beef and chicken.
Wei. the beef so hard 1! Not nice Not nice.
Then where the next? Hotel la. It was nearly 7pm.
Even if I didn't feel tired (I am), the drivers will feel
tired also what. Woke up so early somemore.
Then shower time. Really tired and I felt like don't
wanna get off from the bed but still, went out for
dinner. Kepong Bak Kut Teh. I like BakKutTeh.
I thought after dinner, I can get back to the bed.
But not. Went to forgot-the-name but with a big Jusco
wording outside shopping mall. This mall not bad.
Cause the people was not as many as Mid Valley.
Then nearly 11pm. Balik,watch TV dan Tidur.

7.30am. Went for breakfast with daddy's friends.
Full full banyak full. Ate a lot.
Then went IKEA. Apalah hari ni baru pi.
Mum bought some stuff there. And the visitors
can fight with those in Mid Valley too. Pengsan la.
Spent nearly 2 hours there. Huiyo. Afterwards leh?
No lunch. Went the Curve continue shopping.
My legs already going to patah that time.
But not bad la. Bought 1 sweater, 1 formal and 1 shirt.
Thanks to aunty Agnes who pay for me.
(Why you don't let me pay by myself wor..:rf:)
If you think we only went IKEA and the Curve then you're
wrong. We then continue shopping at IKANO.
Bought a pair of slippers there, from the PADINI shop.
And finally here comes to the end of thr journey.
Say Bye to KL.
Dinner at Tambun for Mothers'Day before going back
to Penang. Nice seafood. I ate a lot balitum.
They laughed at me don't know how to eat it. T__T

Penang. I'm Back!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Photograph

I took all ofém by myself.
With 2 megapixels handphone camera.
Through the window.

I just found the heater is a little bit too lonely.



You know this is in KL with the word

Friday, April 30, 2010

Say Bye To Kumon

30th April 2010
It was the last day I worked at Kumon
after been there for a year plus.
Working part-time as assistant at Kumon
isn't too bad but yet fun, I supposed.
I learnt not least in this one year
And yet
Too much to say.
With Annie.

With Edmund.






Malaysian. Wen Cherng.

Japanese who speak Mandrin. Anjyu Higo.

From Belgium. Jereon.

England. Lyana Marie Cremnitz.
(Banana Married Crab-meat)

Drawing from my favourite student, Lyana.
Thank You.
One sentense will always remind me about Kumon.
"Anywhere got flowers, Must have Bee!"
Copied from Lyana's Shirt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It'e me. =D
Was at OldJane house and sat on her bed.
Hey Jane, I personally love this picture
so MUCH. Trust me. Heh.
Thanks for testing your cam so that
I can manage to get this picture. X)
And..Yay. I get to visit your house before
we are graduate (ohh~ how sad).
But anyway, I'm going to MISS you.
Remember we want webcam ya!


開玩笑 這可是沛慈親自設計的





Where it is? This is one of the road in
Tanjung Bungah which near to my
college- TarCollege (Penang).

And this?
This is the road before turning in the
Padang Polo (Before Disted).

Took this at Gurney's Carpark.
Nice scene huh? I meant the sea.

Near Pesta. This road is always full
of trees. =D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone lost her contact lists

As what I said. I'm going to sms some one since
she couldnt reply or what. But I never thought
will get any reply shown as below because I thought
her phone is not 'ready' to function yet.
So and well. The story begins.

Me : =)
Honey: May I know who are you?
Me : Who are u?
[I was shocked to get this reply, who am I?]
Me : Are u Jay chou?
[At once, I thought I sent to wrong number to make sure I didn't, I sent this.]
Honey: O.o max i know who are you.
Sorry i lost my contact
[okay.Target confirmed.]
Me : How sad i am. Im pretty sure even if i lost my
contact lists, i cn rmb ur number for sure.
Honey: Hey sorry i'm bad at memorizing numbers.
Tel me who are you la
Me : Its ok. Just thought me as anonymous then.
2ml gt school, rest earlier. Nitez.
Honey: Darl?
Me : O.o
[Actually this emoticon means: eh?how u know its me.]
Honey: Err wrong then. Paiseh woei tel me la
[but wrong interpretion from the other side.]

Then.. No reply anymore. =(

I wonder how she will find out who is the owner of this number. X)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mass Communication Night 2010

Date: 31st March 2010
Time: 7.30PM-11PM
Venue: Cititel (Perdana 4)
MC: Vayshnavee, K.C. Tan
Presented by Tarc Penang DPR Year 2 Students

This is OUR night. Yes. It is!
Just hooray. Everyone wore just NICE.

Never knew that Ms Ngu can be so, PRETTY!
Okay, she is pretty enough but tonight was
prettier! X) You can't really recognize her
from her dressing today. Heh.
Oh ya. She draw her own the luckydraw.
How lucky she is. But unlucky too, cause
she was keep picking up those 'unwanted' number.

Ms Louise a bit dissapointed us la.
She didn't wear gaun or any sexy dress etc.
BUT. Frankly. She looked so very young tonight
until I couldn't believe that she is actually our
lecturer! Yea. And she and Ms Lim is the most
enjoyable lecturer tonight with all kinds of games,
shouting here and there, act on the stage and
sexy dance somemore. *wow*

Ms Lim is sporting, too. And making fun the
whole night. She is even more outstanding than
students tonight. I would like to say, Ms Lim is
really cute for sometimes. =)

So, here comes the result for,
Prom King : T.P. Neoh
Prom Queen: Wong Vivian
The best costume (Guy): K.C. Tan
The best costume (Girl): Sandy

Well. I guessed everyone was enjoyed themselves.
And so I am.

Photo will be uploaded SOON.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


From left, Ms Ngu, Me, Ms Lim and Ms Louise
(They looked even younger than me)

Thank you, Mr Amos Teoh
-Head of Penang Branch
For attending this dinner party.

Thank you, Ms Lim Lai Hoon
-Programme Superviser
For lecturing us since Year 1 smester 2.
'Tan Ah Kau' always been mentioned as example
since Mass Media Law until the recent subject,
Malaysia Cultural and Practices.
Although your lecture may be bored sometimes
(Law and Cultural subjects used to be bored)
But we know you are trying so hard to make us
understand more of every single chapter.
All The best, Ms Lim!

Thank you, Ms Ngu Ik Ying
-Our very first lecturer in diploma level.
I believe we are the first batch of students who
you ever taught in your life right?
You are a good lecturer, honestly.
Thank you for being our lecturer.
We can see the changes on you (outlook XD).
We love you,Ms Ngu!

Thank you, Ms Louise Ngoi Kok Shen
-Chinese, Translation and Advertising lecturer.
A very strict lecturer until the exhibition.
You are kind as we know and frankly, you are nicer
now compare with last time when we first met you. X)
Never knew you can be so friendly until tonight.
Take Care, Miss Louise!

Thank you, Ms Normah
-PR writing lecturer.
A cute Malay Lecturer we ever met.
Nice to talk and teaching hard during lecture.
Although you can't manage to attend this farewell dinner
But still, we appreciate your teaching a lot!

Thank you, thank you , thank you.
Thanks to all the lecturers who taught us before.
I don't have much words to say other than thank you.
We are happy to be part of Tarc Penang DPR students.
Thank you for being our lecturers for two years time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wishes For You

Dear Stim Miao aka Lee Mei. =)

Hey hey. Today is the very first day you join NS.
Well. I know you wouldn't see this in the short
period but STILL, I wrote this though.

Take care of yourself in the camp ya!
And please don't miss us too much. XD
But no worry there. We will miss you for sure.

Ehem ehem...
Though get into NS but please enjoy ok?
Anyway, you are going to Balik Pulau White Resort.
SO NEAR ok! Still in Penang, at least.
I got lotsa memories there, Childhood.

You can imagine a 'sua ba' kid
running here and there,
with her grandma's voice shouting around.
*evil laugh*

Aiya. Just. Don't think too much.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dearest Cousin


You came and would never left, forever.
Cause You are always live in our hearts.
Though You are no longer here anymore
But still,
Your spirit will be with us
All the times.

We are proud of You as a new born baby in our family.
We care much about You as you are part of our family.
We love You nomatter how and wherever you go.
Shall Your charming face stays with us
Throughout the wholelife.
For bringing us
Warms and Joys in these periods.

May you Rest In Peace, dearest cousin.

Friday, February 19, 2010

TimeTable for Y2M57 2010 3rd Sem.

B101 9-10am AHMC2114 LLH
DKC 1-3pm AHMC2474 NIY

T210 9-10am AHMC2474 NIY
DKC 11-1pm AHMC2114 LLH

B102 11-1pm AHMC2114 LLH
B105 2-4pm AHMC2474 NIY

DKC 2-4pm AHMC2114 LLH

DKD 12.30-2.30pm AHMC2474 NIY

I hate this timetable so so so so much.
Damn it. *sigh*
It's ok anyway. It will be the last sem of my diploma study.
Guys! I'm going to graduate from TARc!


Finished this 8 episode drama in 1 night.
Well. This is the first 青春偶像劇 in M'sia I guessed.
I saw 2 friends who 客串 in this drama. XD
YA. Cause this drama is actually took in their college.
HanChiang(韓江) in Penang. X)
東于哲,Rynn林宇中and曾若冰are the main chac.
Lalalala. Not bad.
Suddenly feel that Penang is beautiful
after watching this drama. Ha
該不會 我比較欣賞的女藝人都姓'曾'吧?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year.
Yeah. Time flies very fast. I supposed.
Well. It's another Chinese New Year, again.
Brand New Year. Grand New Year.
After this CNY, I will have my last semester
for my Diploma in Mass Communication Certificate.

Still. I'm lost for what I want.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tada. Ate a lot's day.

Went Seoul Garden in the afternoon yesterday.
With Uncle Koh FuYong and my sister.
Full. But I didn't eat my lovely honey dew ice-cream.
>"< >"< >"< >"< >"< >"<

Afterwards then went working.
Lalalala.. Time flies so fast.
Few hours passed. And It's time to go for dinner!

I'm sososososo happy. G-rians gathering. XD
At where? Faces lorh. =)
But I didn't ate much. You know.
I ate a lot at Seoul Garden already what~
So I just have some mushroom soup for my dinner.
Yummy yummy.

And 20 something 20th girls are actually mad.
'Some' of them (us) keep shouting. XD
The waitress and waiter might me : ohmygod.
Shhhhh...Can't let them know we are all
graduated from PengHwa. Muahahahahahaha.

Till then. Going to tuition again. (I'm not student)
Lalalalala. Lazy.

OhYA OHyA...
Happy CNY eve everyone =)

Friday, February 5, 2010

5th February 2010


Long time no see.

Holidays left 2 weeks. ="=
OHMYGOD. I did nothing in this holidays. =(
Ohohohohohohoh. I did one thing which is nice.
I checked my teeth and clean it finally at the clinic.

Working.SLeep.Online.Eat.Drink.Play?Watch TV.
See?I'm enjoying my holidays SO much.
Sigh. Who knows hows my results in the pass exam.
Nonononono. Ignore it.

Holiday+ing what. =)

See Ya!