Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Jan 2009

Woo Hoo~ Happy Reunion everyone!!
People getting home and having dinner together
with their own family at this particular season, usually.
And as usual, our family had steamboatSs.
There were 5 tables with steamboats at Eldest Uncle's
kopitiam which has enough place to fill up the big family.
Okay, our family usually having reunion dinner with
50 something persons , together. Many huh?
After eating, I sat in the living room with siblings, cousins
and nieces to watch the Chinese New Year's show..
Well, thanks to Astro anyway... =P
Back to home after 11pm. Cleaning the house for the
last time before the new year coming.. Urghh.. Just
threw some rubbish and cleaned somewhere else,
to let the house look cleaner, I guess.
I don't know why my parents did so as we just cleaned
it in the afternoon... o.O
Well, my handphone showed it's 12am!
Happy CNY everyone!
ok, I sms-ed soya for the 1st one of course. XD
Then forward other message to another few friends.
Soya phoned me... So happy.
Well, then only my family start praying.
After praying, it's time to get the 1st angpao from
daddy and mummy...XD..
I phoned back to soya afterwards..

Heeee....That's the new year began.
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

..........The Dinner.......... ................Steamboat................


26 Jan 2009

The 1st day of CNY. I got a lots of angpao. *grin*
Woke up, then lunch [hehe..woke up late ma]..
Then phoned Sis Nian.. She was already in the
airport.. [Go Johor to find her boy boy..tsk tsk]..
Few places to go for today.
1. Than Hsiang Temple [Find Ah Gong and DaJie]
2. Batu Maung [Old house]
3. Greenlane [Aunty's house,find ah ma]
4. Balik Pulau [The place I hope to go most]
Frankly, I ATE a LOTS! Oh my GOD.
Look at my stomach. It's gaining bigger now.
Having steamboat again at popo house at night.
Hehehe... Nice nice and yam yam...
Other than eating, of course still have 'drinks'
and .....berjudi..nyahahahaha...
Stud bro. Drank a 330ml of juice which contained
5% of alchohol and he was drunk.
Look at his face. So very red. And he is finally
cannot tahan and went to sleep. *laugh*
The whole family was.. What? So beh eong 1...
And then me.. Same la, though my face was
getting red and I felt 'hot' of it, plus some headahce
but still, I was fine.. Yeeee...
Having 2nd round steamboat at 11 something with
aunty Agnes, aunty Stella and uncle William..
Full... full... full...
Reached home at 12am. Tired!!
BUt fun, too.

Went to bed after showered.

Kampai & Wine...Steamboat...
........Mummy.. ...Aunt Agnes.. ...........Popo.....

...Uncle Liang.. ...............Me....
Alright.. Say hi to Mr Cow's Year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I dreamed.

The clock showed me it is 7.15 in the morning.
And then I continued to sleep as my alarm will
only rings at 7.35am.

I wake up from my bed and get into the bathroom.
Start to brush my teeth and so on, shower myself.
I was thinking why am I wake up so early as today
was Saturday? Then I told myself I'm having exam
at college today, that's why I gotta wake up early lorh.
I looked in the mirror , smiled and continue the bathe.
Eh? I'm having exam today? What's the paper then?
Look. I had already took my PR, EP, BM and English
paper, left 2 for this semester.. And that's Law and

Chinese. But I'm actually will be having the 2 papers
after CNY right? Yea..
Then I think then today no school lorh.. Yippy..
After bathe can continue sleeping.
At the moment, my mind pop out 1 stupid things.
"You stupid! Sleep your head. You wake up early
because you gotta go EATON and face those angkoo!"
Oh.. I know why I wake up so early already..
I gotta go EATON.. Then suddenly I heard something.

'Hey hey you you...' Avril Lavigne's girl friend.
My alarm. The next moment I found that I'm still
on my bed right inside my blanket.
Stupid. Stupiak! C2pid!! =.='''

I dreamed.
Ding Dong.

The so well 牛year is just around the corner..
Went to 火锅之家 and meet those beloved G-rians..
I was so happy to meet every of 'em you know.
Our tables were fulled of noices and?
More noice I guess. *evil laugh*

They were actually celebrating LTheng's and
LaoLin's birthday. Weee... Hope they enjoy.

Ohhh~ TanSuiYen[the princess Africa] brought
the Prince of Sabah back to Penang and joined us
at the gathering.. Ahahaha...
I think Mr Kelvin thought we are mad. XD

YSyn and EeLING kissed..mouth-mouth..=3
Phew...My mouth kiam kiam let YSyn xXx..
Luckily I still manage to take care of it..XDXD
The 5th people who kissed my face was JiaXian!!
Then the 2nd person I kissed was EeLing..

We are still the same. G-ever. G for life...
We shout, we sing, we play together..
We laugh, we cry, we stick together..

Girls, I apprecite the time spent with you..
Let's keep in touch until the end of our lives..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Went back to secondary school yesterday. For?
Took our SPM results' certificate lorh.
Well, I was quite excited when going back there..
Cause I know I will meet up with a lots of friends
including those are not in Penang for a long time..
Met LTheng and YSyn!!! YSyn is thinner now.. XD
Then SYuan, HMing[lao po!], Phey, Ghaik, Angie,
BKim, CXing etc..etc...
Everyone shout like siao lang when meeting old
friends.. I wonder the juniors thought we were mad..

Some of 'em changed a lots yet, some never.

YSyn took my kiss AGAIN la.
Oi, siao lala, I miss you guys very very very much!

After we took our cert, LTheng ,YSyn ,me and my sis
having our drinks at GoodAll kopitiam in front of
Peng Hwa. We talked a lots.. About our new lifes and
yet, the passed. We can't imagine we're actually graduate
from Peng Hwa more than a year. For us, we just like
leaving last month. I'm glad that our friendships are
still tight, although we always far apart from each others.

I miss 'G-rians' and old friends.
Come on! Hope I attend the gathering
or reunion tonight at 火鍋之家... *praying*..

The Super Corridoor.. 5 years memories..

Muackz.... I missed your hugS and kiss...XD


Siao Cha Bo...

3 sampat took photo with traffic light..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Listen! I know to answer most of the questions
of today's paper - AHMC2424 Public Relations..

When I first opened the questions' paper, I wished
I can shout as loud as I can.. Cause I'm familiar
wish most of them... Hehehehe....

When I was nearly done, I stared at the clock at
the centre of the wall.. 3.05pm..
Hehehe, double check for my answered booklet,
Simply write something for some blanks...
Then I raised my hand up and planned to leave the
venue earlier. Ms Ngu came.
:Did finish all the questions already?
She checked my papers and searching something.
:Where is Question 4? [The question consists 25 marks]
:At the first page.
She turned to the first page and stared 1 second.
:Write more things.. It's correct already, add more details.
Then she walked away. I was like.. Huh?
Of course I know my answer is correct la but if I have
more things to add, why I still want to leave earlier?
Well, I thinked of what more to add for FIVE minutes
and it's finally end up with nothing was added.
And then, I left.
The clock showed me it's 3.15pm.

Lalala... Driving home as usual..
I hate the weather. It is so very HOT!
But still, it can't influence my good mood.
Continue driving... Swtiched the radio louder.
Fly FM was playing Jesse McCartney's song.
After that I turned to 988...
At the traffic light at Bayan Lepas.. I saw an
Awanza with a familiar number. PXX 638.
Hehehe... Coincidence! It's soya's car!!!
Ok, maybe she wouldn't realize I'm at the back.
Then I saw hands were busying touching here
and there, and suddenly someone turned her head
and waved her hand. There she is.
Following [not really,as we live in the same area] the
Awanza for few minutes, then hit the left signal, turned.
Before I'm turning right and they're turning left..
She 'showed' her sweet smiling face and say 'tata' to me.
I was actually show her my tounge but I don't know
if she saw it. *evil laugh*

I had a nice nice day today. Huray....XD

Monday, January 19, 2009

When I opened the EP paper today, I was like..
What is this? I stared at the paper..
And the next second, my mind went blank suddenly..
I couldn't recall what I had memorized when
I was doing my revision.
3 challenges, 4 benefits, 5 elements...
I touched the topic! Come ON!
I should know how to answer it!
And don't really know which stupid told me,
the lecturersaid it is nothing to do with the last chapter,
so, I didn't touch the topic, and the topic actually
owned 12 marks in the paper! OhMyGOD!
My paper end up with: SHIT! I can't
answer the question. Any! ANY!
I left the venue at 10.23am and the exam is supposed
finish at 11am.

I really did revision for this time exam ok!
Unlike last sem's, I really put a lots of efforts on it.
But today my hardwork is going to end up with Re-sit!
How can it be like that?
Moodless for everything. [including tomorrow papers.]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fetched EeLin and LeeMun at EeLin's house.
Hehehe... See? I still remember where's your
house!!! So excited to hang out with them..XD
And thanks to aunty! [EL's mum].. She said
I become more thin than last time... ^^
Coincidencely, 3 of us wear the same style of
shirts- plain colour baby-T with collar. *grin*

Back to Peng Hua with them AS...
Someone is gonig to leave, so we decided to meet
our friends there (especially YenTeng & SzeMin).

First we reached is nearly recess time. Then we
walked to foyer as YT said she gotta duty at
Koperasi. But she is not there. So, we walked to
canteen lorh. And we met Sze Min!! Owh....
She is more thin now...

I looked up to library and there she is,
Ms LeeMei.. Ok, catched her up and get my
shirt back. [Thanks the prezzie from KL ya!]

Saw Soya, too. And she seemed like don't realize
I'm standing there quite near to her. So,
:"A.B.C"... I ma shout her name lorh.
She waved her hand together with a simple smile.
[dear, I miss you very very and very much]

And then I was searching XinXuan to return her
RM4. But at the end, she put the money into my
wallet, again...Wei! Why you like that wan?

Then Fanfan..walao... asked me help her fill
her water...what la..gotta help she broke the
school rules...funny k..haha..

Saw LaoLin, Jia Xian,EnEn etc etc etc...
I found that I miss them A LOTS!

Before we left, met Pn Ta Li Chin at P5B
[if im not wrong la the 3rd class from foyer]...
Hehehe... Before graduate, only Malay and English
used to communicate.. After graduated...Hokien!
She aske us visit her on CNY... Well, don't worry
teacher, we will go and kacau you for sure~

Dudu said she saw me three times!
What la, saw me also didn't call me.
Sad nia..

At the super corridoor...

After Peng Hua, we went QB. Had our lunch at
Nando's. Errr... I was full and cold. But nice! =)



Oh yea, get a new clothe from F.O.S...
EeLin got hers too, an apple green sweater..

I bought the first pictre's...

We saw the poster of Twilight at Borders.
What the.... Bella[Kristen] and Edward[Robert]
are so very pretty and handsome!

This is my 1st 'Nice Friday' in 2009.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday went popo's house straightly after college.
They move to new house~ XD
Semi-D at Pantai Aceh in Balik Pulau.
Here some snapshots...

Nice sky huh?
The 'look' of popo's house


Popo and the buli-me cousin...Johnny..

~Da Jie vs Mei Mei~

Oh ya.. I drank Corona Extra on Friday night.
And it made my face looked red like an apple.
Seriously, no next time. I hate the taste [ beer]..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is the last day of semester 2.
There was only 1 class today at 3pm...
Reached school at 11am today..
Met Ms Lim together with Kimberly.
Afterwards was sitting with Eda again..
Thinking whether wanna go to Gurney or not
but I found that my bc works havnt done.
Arghh..That's why I just sit at the foyer for 3 hours.
We talked again.. [with Eda,Chia Ling and Wen Jie]
And listened to some songs, too.
Weee....Disney~~~~ The memories of chilhood.
After Eda, I played some songs too.
One of the song was You Raise Me Up by Westlife.
3pm. It's time to lecture.
Entered the lecture hall, as usual, we took attendence.
This is the last lecture of this semester.
Dr Goh gave us some tips for our final examination.
And he asked us to sing 2 songs together with the class.
The 1st was 陪我看日出by蔡淳佳..
The 2nd was You Raise Me Up by Westlife..
When he played you raise me up, Eda turned her head
and told me :"Chia chia..We just listened it just now.."
yea...Coincidence huh? =)

The 1st song ,
Dr Goh wished: 希望你們可以找到陪你看日出的人。
The 2nd song,
He said: 不要辜負那些對你付出的人,不管是家人,朋友

The lecture end at 3.47pm...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saw PaiHui's blog..So I wanna learn her too..XD
Learn what? List out my wishES-list la of course..

Lai Lai Lai, Lets see what I wish this year.

1. Have a really happy year.
2. Get a new handphone...
3. Manage my don't fail results untill I graduate
4. Won't be lazy for study stuff *wink*
5. Be more mature and least childish *evil laugh*
6. Happy more than sad
7. Keep fit untill below 50kg *sob sob*
8. Get back to fencing *owh I damn miss it*
9. All my family and friends are healthy *grin*
10. Learn cooking and baking
11. Buy a new sweater/jacket , watch and bag
12. Saved at least RM50 every month
13. Have a nice and great birthday *I hate last year's*
14. Finish the four Twilight collection of novels.
15. Watch at least 5 movies *wow*
16. No Genting this year.
17. Tell more jokes and make those arround me laugh
18. Smile always to cheer people up
19. Gather with my other old friends *this is a must!*
20. Ermm...perhaps get a boy friend.. *blush blush*

Woa...So long my wishes...
Anyway..Hope all of'em will come true la. *smile*
I finally manged to find a time to wash my car...
How sweet my car...
[of course la, I helped him pom pom leh]

PEM 8348... Mua 'darling'..^^
Err....Sweet baby, you are finally clean...XD

My banner. See? so big right?
Don't know where to put also...
Mum said hang it up at the staircase...XD , =.='''

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally, I slept before 2am last night as I already
had 2 weeks did not manage to sleep before 2am.

Miss Tham cancelled today English class yesterday.
But still, I went to school at 11 as my sis got class.
Okay, I parked my car, took my books and so on
then went in to college. I was thinking where should
I go as it is TOO early for me to go to the lecture.

Walked walked walked. Saw Eda and she smiled at me.
I smiled, too of cause. Well, Andy was there too.
There were places which enough for me then I took
the desicion to sit beside her. *grin*

I started up my laptop and tried to find something to
do. But 11am wor, not much people online and nothing
to blog la. Luckily Eda was there and we talked a lots.
When I say we talked a lots, it really meant it. You may
ask how long we talked.. Okay, 2 hours I think.. *winks*
This made me got the chance to know more about her.
We did not know well but just smile at each other when
me meet up at school, usually.
Never thought we can talk so long and that much.
Well, we are PR students what~ *evil laugh*

And then, PaiHui online.. Afterwards.. Vayshna came.
Lalala. Went to Law lecture at 1pm. Wow, there're
only 10something students in the lecture hall.
Aiyaiyai...The lecture was dismissed at 1.56pm and
Vayshna and me took our 'lunch' [lunch??] at canteen.

Then we went to the class for PR tutorial.
Wah, I so 'guai'. Only me from M57 joining M55 to
attend the tutorial class today. How proud I am.
And I get to know more coursemates too.
Wen Jie, Yong Hui, Li Ping , Samantha? and perhaps,
Eda too. Nice to meet you all~

After PR tutorial.
YHui: ChiaChia! We are waiting for you outside!
Why you never came out?
Miss Ngu: You all know each other since last time izit?
You looked so close.
YHui: Not really. We just know each other just now.
And then you can imagine what respond did Miss Ngu
give us. And I told her don't get shock and don't forget
we are PR students. Haha.

Chinese class. When I asked my marks from Dr Goh.
Dr Goh: Which class you from?
Me: M57.
Dr Goh: What number?
YHui: 57-14.[I told her before class.]
Dr Goh: How come you know her so well? Both of you
What laaaa....Friends cannot meh. I know he was kidding.

We did 自我'結束'... T___________________T
Last tutorial for this semester. I spent it with M55.
New experience. Not bad though, I meant the class. =)

"Dr Goh: Then you are good girl." Only few people
understand why he said I'm good girl.

A small incident after BC class.
Eda: 8348.
Me: Oh yea. But if read from the back is 8438.*smiled*
Eda: Actually that 438 was my car. And I heard you
mentioned it last time with you friends.
Me: Huh? I was...err.. sorry.
Eda: Never mind. Its okay. I planned to tell you that's
my car that time but you was like so excited so I just
keep quiet. *smiled*
Well, what if I tell you I said it so loud just to make sure
you can hear me that time? And actually I was guessing
that's your car. Don't know why, when I saw the car,
a feeling told me that car is yours. And forgive me.
I never thought 438 will be a car number and belongs
to a Chinese. It is cute, for me.. XD

I had a very good mood today and PaiHui, you
should know why. XD

Monday, January 5, 2009

*Projectstar Season2 Gathering*
at 火鍋之家...
-The birthday boy- Zhi Lun...... XD

~~~Happy Birthday to YOU~~~
!!!Happy Sweet 19th!!!
!Hope you did enjoy your birthday with US!