Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Woo hooo! Everything is over...
And at least we get to know each other...
Congratulation to:
The Champion : Margaret Wong
The 2nd Placing : Tan Ying Pei
The 3rd Placing : Ah Long
For those who din get any places...
Never give up yea!
You all are always the best in my heart.
Tarc Project star Season 2 Final list:
1. Mei
2. Samuel
3. Debby
4. Wee Tek
5. Chia
6. Margaret
7. Terry
8. Ah Long
9. Shi Jie
10. Jess
11. Charlene
12. Chia Chee
13. Ying Pei

Woo Hoo~~~~~
Okay, I can now focus on my study already..
Phew... Who said I earn nothing?
I earn a lots of experience and friendshipSs!
Keep in touch guy~ We are the best huh! XD

Monday, December 29, 2008

The wedding dinner at Equatariol...

My Wine... *nice*

Signature from the invitors...

Night view...


The bride!!!!

With the groom..XD

Me and Alicia...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

嫂嫂真的很美!很美~~~ 美到我無話可說...=)

Congratulation to my cousin and his wife!
They finally get married....XD<
The bride is really beautiful !!! *grin*

I went to bed at 4.30 am this morning. Why?
Cause I read 那些年,我們一起追過的女孩by九把刀。
I love that book very much! Too sad the boy did not
be with the girl at the end though the boy
likes the girlsfor 8 years. EIGHT years man! *sigh*
They lost many chances which can be with together....
At the end the boy found another girl as his girlfriend.
Sad and sad... Both of them like each other...
But why they can't stay along , accompany each other
in the rest of their life? *sigh*
Okay okay, I know, it is just a story.. But who cares?
Again... *sigh*

Saturday, December 27, 2008

There were only 8 instead of 80 something students
with 1 lecturer in the tutorial class today.
So, the advantages of less students in the class is
-we get chocos from Miss Ngu..... =)
*Merry Christmas- belated*

Afterwards, PaiHui went Gurney with me as she gotta
take the rapid to her cousin's house. We shoped shoped
around together... And, we went to 'the' shop...Hehehe.
Woei PaiHui, You should know which shop I'm mentioning.

Lalalala. Excited and excited.
Met Xx around 11.30am at the entrance.

Our Second 'date' : Gurney (27 Dec 2008)
Our First movie : Bolt (Ok, this movie is nice!)
Our First lunch : Taiwan FengWei (My third time to there)

Bolt. It is so very nice than what I expected.
Luckily I never cried in the movie though I want to. =)

Taiwan FengWei. This time I ordered ‘醉雞飯’too.
Nice nice lunch we had.. And we were mad, I think.
Keep on joking and end with? Laugh and laugh lorh.

Thanks Xx for giving me a Nice day. ^^
But too sad we didn't take any photo. *sob*

Friday, December 26, 2008

..BC presentation day..

Today presentation wasn't that bad.
In fact, that's not much people laughing when we showed
out the video clip as Ling2 acted as a beggar.
Good, this is the effect I want.
Not much people is laughing.
Every group was put a lot of efforts for their
presentation. We can see it through their works.
It was a nice presentation for all the 12 groups but
too bad cause we gotta sit inside the lecture hall for 3 and a
half hour with a 5 minutes break and watched those videos
contineuosly. Some story was nice, some was a lil boring
but overall were still okay.
She cried. *sob*
Too sad to saw she cried in front of the lecture hall.
Well, you do act very well. Really.
Gambateh ok? =)
Actually just now in tht toilet I wanna say 'jia you'
to you but I just can't do it.. Don't really know why. =/
Okay, I know you wouldn't see this post.
If you do, I will die. =.='''
p/s: I finally know how to write your Chinese name.
Vayshna was tuang class today!!!!
and also for 2ml...*tsk tsk* XDXD

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Black Christmas.
There's not much changes of this year Christmas
compare with last year. Still, I passed it at home.
Online, do assignments, see people dark faces...
fetched my popo to pasar, day-dreaming...
watched TV, argue, and yet did nothing...

I do hope when I wake up in this morning, I will
have a much more different Christmas,
at least a small surprise. But, I get nothing.

A lot of friends were asking me out in this special
season but I didn't get to accept any. WHY?
Cause of the BC video clip and I'm sure my mum
wouldn't allow me to go out instead of help her
to do some houseworks. *sigh*

I know you are still angry. But I don't think I
did or said anything wrong. This is the truth.
You should think well, what I done was wrong?
None, right? You had been scolded is your own
faults. Why don't you try to plan everything nicely?
Without scolding by mum and dad? Did you actually
realize you never plan your time and things perfectly?
So please, stop showing me your ugly face.
I'm not either your slave or maid.

Thanks for the Christmas cards from
- PaiHui and LeeMei.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.
Went to music room for the meeting again.
Terry asked me to sing my final's song.
Then I ma sang a lil part lo... Mana tau after he
listened he told me he 'mo chang'.. I said..Huh?
Why mo chang? Got that bad or not? T_T
Then he said nice only mo chang laaaa!!
Weeee.....Mean I wont die untill too ugly during
the Final.... Weeee......
Okay..Okay...Stop it.

The banner is up! OMYGOD! The banner is up!
5more days to final.

Christmas Eve...
Oh My God!
The banner is UP!!!
At the foyer... uh oh..

Saw me?
Hmmph..Still not that bad huh?? XD

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks katak to help me convert the sound clip into mp3 format!!!!!!

katak..nah...saw it??? XD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Chinese Modern Writing assignment is finally
DONE! Ling2, Lynn and Vivian came my house
this morning. I woke up at 6.30am as they said
they are coming at 7-7.30am. BUT.
They finally reached my house at 8.30am.
Hmmph... I admire Ling. She can act so good and
without much NG! And congratz to Vivian! She did
not NG today too. Well well.
Can't believe we actually finish our video catching
in only 2 and a half hour.. And then say bye bye to
them at 12 something. The video clip is finally
done at nearly 6pm! But I failed to open it on
another PC. Okay okay... So I use another 1 and
a half hour to RE-DO. *sigh*
And it was done AGAIN at 1.01am right now.

Nitez everyone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hmmph... Today..Eh? Now is 3 nearly 4 in the
morning... Not today already la... Okok..
Yesterday I was proud to say a noun...
'鏡子的奴隸' and then I translated it into English
and become ''The slave of mirror'... *evil laugh*
Okla.. Maybe for some of you it is just a normal
Words.. But for me.. Hey, I can think of this kind
of words in ENGLISH .. as you all know, I'm not
really good in English ma~~~ =.='''
And Pai Hui suggested 'The slave of camera'.
Ehem ehem..Phui know I know la...=)

Why am I woke up so early today???
Because I'm doing BC assingment and reading
for my PR test LATER... And yet, you can see
what I'm doing now!! Blogging???!!!! T_T
Aiyaya... Okok.. Finish blogging then continue
my works.. Thanks SJ to wake me up and somemore
put so nice de song and let me listen when she was
calling me...

Hey-you! Morning!
Wish ya Have A Nice day~~~~


Monday, December 15, 2008

Woke up at 6.25am today.
Reached school at 8.10am.
Left the school to France Taipei around 8.45am
cause that's a guy came late!! Okay.
Finally, reached France Taipei around 9am.
For? Photo shooting. =)
Make-up make-up.
There were 3 make-up-erS [=.=] to help us.
A: Why both of you looked so alike?
B: Yalah, are you sisters?
Me: Yep, we are sisters.
Ah Mei: Ya, they are twins.
But A seemed like thought that we was joking.
B: Both of you really twins?
Me: Yep.
B: I thought you were joing!
Me: I'm not.

We had been informed our INDIVIDUAL PHOTO
will become banners and hang at FOYER!
OMIGOSH! We were totally mad. So ugly okay!
But anyway, we love the group photo.. XD

Nice experience.
I meant took photo at France Taipei.

During EP class. Happened a sweat thing just
because I, Tian Chia Chia make-up.
When I was busying to complete my webpages, I heard...
Pn Wahidah: Is that Chia Chia?
Then I turned my head and looked at her.
And she continued,
: What happened to you?
:Nothing happened.
I spoke in my heart and was scolding her why
mentioned it. And my lovely classmates did explain
to her what 'happened' to me.Manatau?! She added..
:I thought you are going to have your first date.
Then you can imagine what happen lorh.
They laugh at me.. *sob sob*
What the....=.='''

I'm tired!
BC , I'm coming~~~~
Still can't sleep. T_T

Sunday, December 14, 2008

.My new Gaun.(RM80)

.The cosmetic. (RM100)

I'm back from the forum gathering.....
Lack of sleep... I miss my bed!!!
Yesterday after the summary test, Lynn dropped me
at Gurney to meet with LeeMei.
We watched Twilight...XD
But I'm a bit disappointed with this movie as it was not
as nice as what I thought. But still, it is quite nice.
After the movie, JX fetched us up to the gathering.
Our destination- The beach in front of Rasa Sayang.
The scene wasn't nice yesterday, too sad we can't see
the sunset at Batu Ferringgi.
Play play run run drink drink eat eat.
Eat eat sing sing drink drink talk talk.
These are what we did yesterday.
We shout to each other and enjoy the peasceful
of the night at the beach. Nice to meet Xiao chun chun
and katak's sis...XDXD
Finally, back to the 'apartment' at 12smtg in the midnight.
Not really tired but thanks to JX. He taught us to play
a game which made me felt sleepy and then I slept.
Slept at 2smtg and wake up at 7smtg. Lalalala.
Everyone still sleeping.. I curi-curi catched some photo.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sister again

Santa claus..XD

Erm.. What to call?
Dudu train? =.=



Mr Koh! ^^
A nice guy and friend which always
say people 'cheap' but yet,
good at cheer people up..XD