Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd May 2010

Packing almost done.
How bout my mind?
Should be prepared to accept the new life, I supposed.

My feeling is just like the hot weather, excited.
Excited to leave and start my brand new independent life.
Excited to enjoy the life as a student in University.
Excited to own a 100% fully freedom out of my parents' sight.
I'm excited and yet heavy.

7 days left.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farewell with Ms Violin Ngu

Hang out with Ms Ngu yesterday at Queensbay.
Because she is leaving SOON, too.
Same with me, end of this month (May).
Places of the day:
Here she is, Ms Violin Ngu.
Well Ms Ngu
Enjoy your vacation and
All the best for your new life in Sarawak!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bye, Tarc.

I'm officially graduate from Diploma Level!
Two A- ! Nyahahahaha.
For the very last semester.
And I manage to hit 3.0 and above for my CGPA!
Here comes the Graduation List.
Saw my name? XD
Congratz to anyone who finished their diploma too!


See you all on convocation~

Monday, May 10, 2010


She left,
You are gone,
And I'm leaving, too.

Is May a leaving month?
I wonder.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To You.

You left.
Even earlier than me.

Life is always unpredicted and I never thought
you will be leaving Penang earlier than me.

I wish. You enjoy your one year study life at
Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang.

All the best, soya.
All the best, BFF.

I will miss you always, no matter where you are.

Take care.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KL Trip.

Date: 1st & 2nd of May 2010

As my sister is going to further her study in KL,
We went there to 'visit' her hostel lorh.

I didn't sleep as we are going to depart at 4.30am.
So what I did while waiting the time to pass?
Facebook lorh.
Time flies and everything well-prepared. Depart.
We met uncles, aunties and popo at Juru resthouse.
Yeah. Three family go KL together. Travel ma.
Plan to sleep on the car but I'm actually don't.
Why? Cause I had switch to Uncle Liang's car.
And can't really sleep la. Excited what. (I do?)
So we just sing here and there during the journey.
Around 8.30am, we finally reached.
The first destination will of cause somewhere we can
have our breakfast la. So hungry you know.
But...DimSum again. Penang also got DimSum la.==
After breakfast we headed to Chee's hostel.
O.o I felt so so so so lucky that my rooom in Kampar
is much more bigger than hers and she's actually
share the room with another 2 roomates!
Owh.. How poor she is. But ok la. At least they know
each other. Better than share with strangers right?
After that. Mid Valley. On the way to Mid Valley,
I finally fell asleep. But when I woke up and stared
outside the window, guess who I saw?
It's A-Niu. I was like :
"Am I dreaming? This people look so familiar."
Then the people look at my direction, too.
The next second then only I said:
"Is that A-Niu?"
And my popo and aunty Agnes so excited.
Yeah. It was him. And he waved at us.
Well well well. I don't like Mid Valley.
Too much people for me.
I would prefer Gurney or Queensbay more.
I spent my time at the Coffee Bean with uncle Liang.
Yay. Cappucinno again lorh. I was too lazy to walk.
Too bad Honey was in IKEA that time and they cancled
they plan to IKEA. If not ma can meet up d lorh. =(
Afterwards went to Uncle Raymond's friends' houses.
Ánd we went Kajang to eat satay. Ate beef and chicken.
Wei. the beef so hard 1! Not nice Not nice.
Then where the next? Hotel la. It was nearly 7pm.
Even if I didn't feel tired (I am), the drivers will feel
tired also what. Woke up so early somemore.
Then shower time. Really tired and I felt like don't
wanna get off from the bed but still, went out for
dinner. Kepong Bak Kut Teh. I like BakKutTeh.
I thought after dinner, I can get back to the bed.
But not. Went to forgot-the-name but with a big Jusco
wording outside shopping mall. This mall not bad.
Cause the people was not as many as Mid Valley.
Then nearly 11pm. Balik,watch TV dan Tidur.

7.30am. Went for breakfast with daddy's friends.
Full full banyak full. Ate a lot.
Then went IKEA. Apalah hari ni baru pi.
Mum bought some stuff there. And the visitors
can fight with those in Mid Valley too. Pengsan la.
Spent nearly 2 hours there. Huiyo. Afterwards leh?
No lunch. Went the Curve continue shopping.
My legs already going to patah that time.
But not bad la. Bought 1 sweater, 1 formal and 1 shirt.
Thanks to aunty Agnes who pay for me.
(Why you don't let me pay by myself wor..:rf:)
If you think we only went IKEA and the Curve then you're
wrong. We then continue shopping at IKANO.
Bought a pair of slippers there, from the PADINI shop.
And finally here comes to the end of thr journey.
Say Bye to KL.
Dinner at Tambun for Mothers'Day before going back
to Penang. Nice seafood. I ate a lot balitum.
They laughed at me don't know how to eat it. T__T

Penang. I'm Back!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Photograph

I took all ofém by myself.
With 2 megapixels handphone camera.
Through the window.

I just found the heater is a little bit too lonely.



You know this is in KL with the word