Sunday, May 31, 2009

30 May 2009

Went Gurney with SJ, Yen Ee and etc.
But Ended up with only me and SJ hang out together.
WHY? Cause we cabut lari from McD and watched
Night At The Museum 2. We cabut cause I don't really
know every of'em which went to the gathering.
SJ felt so sorry to Yen Ee, I guessed. Sorry anyway,
to SJ, to Yen Ee and to those who went there too.
Met Ee Ling at foodcourt. Haha.. Her voice are still
very loud untill I can recognise it was her.
Familiar voice, and I missed it. =)

Night At The Museun is funny though. Ahahaha.
After the movie,I bought the bubble stuff at Gurney Drive.
Wee...Blowing out the water-soap bubble. It was fun.
And I love to sit at Gurney drive. It's cold but nice.
I like the wind which blowing soft and passed.
I like to see the couples and families passing through.
You can see they are smiling, happy.
One exact example- Momo Leong. XD
When I was blowing my bubbles, I heard a girls laugh
untill very blah from my back. Then I turned.
MOMO LEONG! Walao eh, really it's you. Haha..
Dropped SJ at 11something..

I swear, I wanna sit at Gurney drive untill the sunrise if I got the chance.

May is going to end, soon.

While Waiting For Class(28.05.09)

OldJane brought her brother's wario.
And asked me to playit.
The Pro one and the Idiot one.
The Pro wario-player- OldJane.
The idiot player- Chia.
Look at my expression.
Still normal.
The stupid one came out.
Thanks to OldJane for taking these photo. Heh.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy BaZhang festival everyone!

And thanks to GOD!
My grandma report was out today.
The report shown she just ate the wrong medicine
and nothing to do with the cancer! The clinic's report
wasn't accurate as they don't have the better facilities
than the hospital. How glad I am to know this news.

Grandma is fine! Woo HOooo! =)

The Beach Party

Beach Party at Paradise. =)
-27 May 2009

Reached there around 6.30pm. AND. It wasn't raining!
Owhh.... How glad. KahChun and I decided not to BBQ but
KFC! When our group (ShangHai) start eating our beloved
KFC, the others still stand here and there busying their BBQ
fire and food etc.. XD Some of the student leaders cannot
stand to see we are enjoying our food while they are still
eat nothing and came to kacau.-kacau. (Jason,Evin..etc.)
After having our meal, we played games. Oh No!
You can't imagine what we were playing. Can you?
We played Ice-man, LaoYing Zhua Xiao Ji, Burning house,
True or Dare and some God-knows-the-name games.
We shout our ShangHai's slogan for the few times.
How sweet , but sad.
Sweet cause everyone shout together although the orientation
is over; Sad cause it will be the last time we shout it together.

The punishment of T&D were really OHMGOD.
Everyone kena. HooiKhim and 'Jack' might thanks to us
one day, for giving them chancES to ehem ehem. =)
So and well, we sang, too. But not too much.
No stars for the night but quite a lots of aeroplane.
Lol. I was mad I know. And, being so childish.

I hope everyone was really enjoy the party and so I did.
Actually I felt reluctant to leave,last night.
Maybe we wouldn't have the chance to gather anymore.
Maybe we wouldn't have the chance to meet anymore.
Althought sometimes really 'gek ki' with them..
But still, I'm glad that we met. Thanks to God for giving us
the chance to meet. Do keep in touch ya!
ShangHai is the best!

It was really a fun part. FUN! =D

It's time for photo..!!
The Beach.
KahChun,YiJing,Chia and Jason

The freshies:
HooiKhim,ChenYen, ChinLing and YiJing.
ShangHai's assist. leader and leader.
Chia and KahChun

The flower of ShangHai and orientation:

Dinner time.
KFC is yummy!
Lets pose!

Thanks to YiJing's camera! =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Went Giant to shop for the beach party on Wednesday.
Ah. How to get the most nice things with the least budget?
Then I bought:
2.6x1.5litre drinks
4.Wood Sticks
5.3x10 sausages
6.Paper cup
All costed me RM50.10. Cheap huh? XD

2nd day of Year2 sem1.
It is really fast. I'm already in Year2 Diploma.
Can you imagine how fast the time pass?
I can't wait for graduate and getting my cert and go
other place and stay there without my parents or family.
I want to try how it feels but I'm sure I will get homesick.
Still considering where should I go.. KL?Kampar?Or?
Blah. Semester3 only think bout it la.

We gotta organize PR fair at college in this semester for our
project assignment. Another busy assignment. AH!
I'm quite lazy to plan and stay back and having discussion..
It makes me feel tired and exhausted. Really.
You can imagine after doing the planning and discussion for
few hours, we still have to go home and face the computer
and type out everything, then do the correction for grammar
mistake, make the whole assignment look nice but full of wordS.

Besides, there are not only 1 assignment in a semester.
We had been informed our English assignment gotta contain
at least Two THOUSAND (2000) or above, words.
Damn. and our group chose 'Blogging' as our title.
Another project with consist survey form. I hate Survey form.

Wish me luck fr the new year new semester.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Orientation Week Part 3

21 May 2009
We had sports competition today.
Well, quite enjoy although our group was losing in every
games.XD (PingPong,Tug of war, Basketball, Volley ball)
Chit Chat with some freshies in canteen.
Nothing special in the afternoon as all of them went to
CA for the society briefing. Some of us were ss there.
Yaya, SzePei and me were the most ss.
We stand on the chairs and shout then laugh.
How sweat we are. Those guys were shocked to see
we (girls) mad in the silent CA. I like the part before we
leave CA to class. Everyone was singing together.
22 May 2009
The orientation week is finally coming to the end.
First of all, Happy Birthday to YiJing, HooiKhim and Sheue Huey.
There were 3 freshies having the birthday on the same day.
Then we had the final of variety shows at CA again.
Prizes giving. Woo Hoo!Congratulation to SBS!
We won the major competition and the winner is SBS again!
SBS No. 1!! Actually we felt reluctant to leave.
Student leaders and the SWC members still stay in the
college untill 7something in the evening.
We shout, we played, we cheer, together.
And we played 'love teapot'. XD
Poor YeangChuan and WenKang, they throwed them into
the pool in front of foyer. Ahahaha. Then we gathered again at
sunrise McD at night. You never knew how crazy we are in McD.
They played truth or dare and 2 girls gotta take off their
bras in front of everyone! OMG!
Went Lcorner gathering after 10pm at Sri Sayang.
Quite bored and I fell asleep at 12something.
4am woke up by Christine and SyLing. 3 of us
slept together and we shout. Sorry to those
get shock or woke up by our voice in the middle
of the night. We were too high, please forgive us. XD
The Making of Flag and Nametags...

The fifth day of the orientation week (2009)

Left four freshies. The rest 'zao beh hu'.
Went home already. How sad.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Orientation Week Part 2

I'm finally at home since the orientatio week get started
on Monday. Busy since last Thursday. I'm totally exhausted.

Ignore the 3 days training camp, I reached college at 10.30am
on Sunday to prepare the flag and nametags for the freshies.
Everything DIY. And when all things had been settle finish,
it was already 3something in the morning. We , students'
leaders gotta reach college at 7am in the morning. Damn sleepy.

18 May 2009 (1st day of the orientatioin.)
Kah Chun is the leader and I'm his assistant. *ShangHai!*
The first day of orientation still fine but our group juniors were
a little bit too shy to speak or mix with each other.
Then all the programs were done. ShangHai has 3 PengHwa girls
and 1 ChungLing boy. We had a theme (SBS) meeting at 10.30pm
at WeiJian's hostel. After the meeting was already nearly 3am.
Then went to bed. We all stayed at JiaHui's hostel.
Thanks PaiHui and Vayshna to to help me checked for the results.
Congratz to me. I got all passed and can g through year 2.

19 May 2009 (2nd day of the orientation.)
I felt happy because some of my group members at least active
and tried to mix-up. How sweet. And my group freshies finally
gave me 3 slogan for our group- ShangHai. We choosed a new
leader, Hooi Khim as Filix was absent. Frankly, I love the slogan
thought by Hooi Khim's group:
I say ShangHai you say ye,
ShangHai- Yes!
ShangHai- Yes!
ShangHai ShangHai is the best!
Sounded not bad huh? XD
I'm so glad some of our group members can attend the variety
show's practice at Gweik Ngoh's hostel. We had lots of fun huh?
Esspecially Eddie I think, he was the only guy which attend it.
Well, our prince was so cute and shy; our princess was pretty
and 'cold' (she keeps telling cold jokes) anyway. =)
Take a walk with HooiKhim. Wow. can't believe we actually
walked a big round in the neightbourhood in the silent night
(11pm) where there was only two of us. (both also girls).
Meeting again at night, at 11.30pm this time, untill 1am.

20 May 2009 (3rd day of the orientation.)
We had treasure hunt today. I'm so dead. I don't really
like some of my juniors in my group. I really hate those
do not give fully support and don't cooperate.
Bless me. I'm sick. Really, Keep sneezing, non-stop. Help!
I will sleep before 10.30pm tonight.

Bad news. Mum just told me ahma got cancer.
I don't want to lose any of them anymore. Never.
Please. God Bless. I want ahma, I don't want she leaves
us. I don't hope, and, don't want, too.
AhMa, Jia YOU!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Orientation Week Part 1

14th May 2009
First day training camp of student leaders for orientation week.
Still find but a lil bit boring. Grouping. Ah. I'm the only girl in
my group. The only among 8. Lalalala. Our team is really bad
in luck. WHY? Cause we gotta dance -舞娘(Select by the OC).
Okay. I'm so dead, and our group got the first team to perform.
Wth. See? 'Lucky' leh~
Then at night went to Han Chiang to support Marcus.
Aisheh. Saw Melody and Shu Pei. They were so pretty! XD
And Marcus, he entered first 3 places and fight again with
the other two. OMYGOD! He was so MAN and YENG!
Congratualtion he got the most popular singer although
didn't get the 1st place. We Love you, Marcus! XD

15 May 2009
Training camp again. It was raining. The sports competition
was delay to the next day. We thought about the dancing
steps for our dancing. Damn it. It's hard for me to dance
and somemore 'hiao' ok! *sweat sweat sweat*
I ponteng fencing training and went practice at Guang
Liang's hostel. Not bad, catched all the steps in 2 hours time.
WooHoo. Then went back to popo house around 10pm.
Bath. Sleep. Tired.

16 May 2009
Happy Teachers' Day to all the teachers. =)
The last day of training camp. Variety show started at
8 something. T.T I danced. So ugly. T_T
Nola. Ma like that nia. Normal lo.. But my team members
-Boys.. Walau. They...they..they were so sexy! XD
Then the sports. Sigh. I don't wanna touch this topic
as it will make me feel wanna kill people. So? Just ignore it.
I'm in the same group with KahChun. And now, my eyes
are very heavy and feel exhausted BUT cannot sleep.
Sigh. Gotta think the slogan and the design of flag and tag.

Bye... Gotta search more about the idea..
GoGo SBS(team)! GoGo ShangHai(group name)!

p/s: this year we are in SBS but not SOT.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Tze Hoong

I bet today is the most fun in these holidays.

First, I back to PengHwa.
PengHwa to-do-list:
1. Returned JLan her shirt.
2. Give soya the card.
3. Wish Hoong happy birthday.
4. Say hi to all my friends.

P/s : Soya, hope you like it la.
P/s 1: FanFan, I will give you one too.. =)
P/s 2: XinXuan, notI don't wanna drink coffee with you but just
there was only left one. I promised I will belanja you starbucks
in the next date ok? (perhaps after you SPM)
P/s 3: Dudu, I saw you today. See? I can recognise you.

Went to bank after paid a visit at PengHwa.
Then I felt a lil hungry so I bought a frieds from McD.
Guess who I met? Ms Ong Bee Lay. Chat with her for awhile.
I bought a lots of movies. XD

1pm, heading to PengHwa again and met TH up. Fetched her to
Gurney to meet with CX. Well, such a coincidence. Spot JLan on
a bus which was coming out from PengHwa and she saw me too.
What leh, like that also can see you.

Finally we decided to have our lunch at Fishmarket. And the lunch
cost us RM111. Expensive huh? But it was fun and the waitress is
pretty. (TH said so.) We took a lots of photo. A LOTS. And that
SJ! I asked her out she don't want but once CX phoned her then
she came and joined us in half hour time. =.='''

Met LeeMei and MingLi too. Ahahaha. 'You Yuan' lo. Paiseh ah,
you both sure will think we this 'elderly' sot. Thanks for helping
us took photo yea! =)

Ahahahahahahaha. After work, I drove home. Same as usual I
switched to 988 and try to guess the song's same. And today I
guessed the answer and don't know why I sms it to the radio
staton. Then reached home and never thought bout it anymore.
For fun only ma. Manatau, after finished my dinner, my phoned
rang! It's from the DJ! OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD! She said I'm
the only one who can guess the song tonight and guess it correctly,
somemore in a real short time! Then I have a chance to wish anyone
ON AIR!! =D The song was 被风吹过的夏天.. I was thinking
the clue she gave while driving. Then suddenly the answer pop out
then I got it then I sent. Weee..........Im so excited!

WooHoo! WooHoo! WooHoo! WooHoo!
I phoned TH, asked her swtich on 988 and then wait. As what you
are thinking, of course I wished her Happy Birthday lorh. Special
Huh? Special birthday she had. Because she never received wishes
ON AIR. =) Don't cry girl! haha....

Felt happy to hang out with you, TH and CX!
Love both of you so much! Friends forever.
Take care okay? Take care. Esspecially CX...
Gonna miss you after you going back to KL. T_T
Nice Food. We love the prawns. XD

The Birthday Girl -TzeHoong.

Here. ChewXing.


Group Photo. (Only 3)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy mummy's day to all mothers in the world.

BJ. With aunty Agnes. Watched X-men the origin.
Erm. Not bad. Although I don't really like this kind of movie.

I felt bad because didn't buy anything for mum this year.
In fact I had no idea what to buy. Handbags, Sandals cakes...
bla bla bla. But we gave her a rose plus a bai he hua this year.
She somemore scolded me why didn't put in vase as it will die
if don't have water. =.='''

Family dinner again at BatuMaung old house.
Nowadays we cousins and nieces are addicted to facebook.
Keep leaving comment at the 'wall'. Ahahaha.. It's fun though.

I knew you are happy when you receive the flowers. =)
I promise I will be good.
I promise I will not let you worry much.
I promise I will do what I suppose to do.

Mummy, I love you!
Happy mothers' day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wesak Day

Went pasar with popo and saw 2 students from Kumon.
Then prepared to Gurney.
Sorry LeeMei, I was late, 10minutes I guess.
Ahaha.. Really sorry.
After bought the movie tickets we had our lunch
at Manila Place. Nice pasta we shared. XD

Nice movie we had, too.
Mall cop. A funny movie.
Met JLan at SanHui later on.
Don't know why, she looked a little bit girl. =)

Ah. I was just too full and cannot eat anything more.
JLan brought us to FoZhong by using her so 'secret'
road to buy some sweets. Then went to the canteen and
waited them to finish their 'wasabi' tested pasta.

I received a sms. It was SJ. Guess will see her but not sure.
Walked to the other side to gather. Eh? WaiKuan and SJ them.

I should guess YenYee will asked all of the gang.
We went somewhere near FoZhong and have 40minutes
free time before the walk start. LeeMei and me keep
singing while walking here and there.
We had mua chi as our dinner.
LeeMei can sing well actually. XD
I keep playing her with her name. Ahahaha...
And then... the egg story quite funny leh..
P/s: JLan, if can, I want the photo we took after the walked
at SanHui. Thanks ya.

Thanks SJ, for the flower.

Uncle Liang had a bbq party to celebrate Mothers' day.
Ah. Too sad I wasn't around as I went to Wesak.
I heard they had a fun time. Never Mind.
At least they left me some food.
I reached around 11pm. It was 'cold' when you
drive ALONE on the road heading to Balik Pulau.
I like this photo... Took with my 'dear' on
Alicia's birthday last week. =)
I just realized we both were in all white that day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm sorry

I'm sorry,
For being so annoying,
For disturbing.

I'm sorry,
For being so stupid,
For my immature.

I'm sorry,
For not listening to you,
For helpless.

I'm sorry,
For everything I did.
For givimg up.

I'm sorry.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Am here again. Too bored for the days.
And you can't believe that I sit in front of the keyboard
and hit it for more than 4 hours. This is still ok.
But I keep repeating Canon In D. Hehehehe..
I think my family would get mad of me but none of them
ask me to shut up. *sweat*

ChewXing is back! Welcome back to Penang.
I missed her a lots. Promised to hang out ya!
How sweet to receive her sms just now (19.28.22).
Okay. Frankly, I'm not only missing her. I miss all of
them.. Those my secondary school's girls.

Finally I saw the sun today after raining few days.
I might bath doudou if tomorrow don't rain. =)
(doudou is begging the GOD now.) ahahaha.

Till then, see ya!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kumon. Brought a 4-year-old kid to toilet today.I came
out from the toilet and KahChun asked me to bring the kid
to the toilet because I'm a girl and so is the kid.
Helped her to put off her skirt, waited for her and helped
her to put on the skirt. Well, fine then. It was funny.
I let the girl sit on the toilet bowl and wondering
which language should be used to talk to her. She is definately
a chinese but I'm not sure she understands mandrin so I decided
to use English and glad I spoke in English (she seems don't
understand mandrin.) After considering, I asked,
: Okay or not?
Guess what she answered me.
: Mummy said cannot sit on the toiletbowl.
What? OhMyGOD. Why not? Of course I didn't ask her
the reason for sure, who the hell will go and ask a 4 years
kid why your mummy don't let you sit on the toilet bowl.
I bet I wont get the answer even if I asked, right?
Fine, then I let her 'blah' on the floor and cleaned it after
she finished. Hmmph.

I think my English speaking skills might improve if I stay
longer at Kumon. Most of them speak in English. And a kid
named Lyana, I wonder why she can speak in Chinese and
do speak with any others but only me, in English. I tried speak
with her in Chinese but she will answer me in English and I will
reply in English, too. And I don't know why, I used to speak with
her in English more than Chinese. Maybe the first time I talked to
her was in English (because she(her name) doesn't looked(sounded)
like Chinese). 9-year-old children from DALAT. And if you still
remember, she was the third student whose I mentioned in my
last few posts (the funny dialogue among me and students).

And guys. I cried. 2 minutes ago.
If you ask me why, I will introduce a song to you.

-I dreamed a dream

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting
There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came

And still I dream he'll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

I watched Susan Boyle's clip on Youtube and felt touching.
(If you never listened to her, go youtube please)
She is one of the contestants of the Britains Got Talent 2009.
You can't imagine her voice untill she sings. It is .....BRAVO.
I cried because of her voice and her bravery. It shocked me.
And she is 47 year-old. I don't know why I cried actually.
Stupid huh? Maybe Iwas really touched.

Nice voice ;
Nice Britain Talent ;
Nice Susan Boyle.
Mummy new hairstyle.
OhMy- G.O.D

And you can't believe I played this
with my youngest sis.
Ahaha...Chilhood memories.
I used to play with my cousins when I was young.
Penang started raining since last Saturday.
Yesterday I drove to Kumon.
It was raining heavily on the whole journey.
Quite scare actually. No one was beside me.
It was hard to change the lane and even open
the light, I couldn't see the car and road clearly.
Dangerous driving during raining day, esspecially
when it is raining heavily.
I can't really see the road clearly as the rain is too big.
Blur window, blur sight.