Wednesday, March 31, 2010


From left, Ms Ngu, Me, Ms Lim and Ms Louise
(They looked even younger than me)

Thank you, Mr Amos Teoh
-Head of Penang Branch
For attending this dinner party.

Thank you, Ms Lim Lai Hoon
-Programme Superviser
For lecturing us since Year 1 smester 2.
'Tan Ah Kau' always been mentioned as example
since Mass Media Law until the recent subject,
Malaysia Cultural and Practices.
Although your lecture may be bored sometimes
(Law and Cultural subjects used to be bored)
But we know you are trying so hard to make us
understand more of every single chapter.
All The best, Ms Lim!

Thank you, Ms Ngu Ik Ying
-Our very first lecturer in diploma level.
I believe we are the first batch of students who
you ever taught in your life right?
You are a good lecturer, honestly.
Thank you for being our lecturer.
We can see the changes on you (outlook XD).
We love you,Ms Ngu!

Thank you, Ms Louise Ngoi Kok Shen
-Chinese, Translation and Advertising lecturer.
A very strict lecturer until the exhibition.
You are kind as we know and frankly, you are nicer
now compare with last time when we first met you. X)
Never knew you can be so friendly until tonight.
Take Care, Miss Louise!

Thank you, Ms Normah
-PR writing lecturer.
A cute Malay Lecturer we ever met.
Nice to talk and teaching hard during lecture.
Although you can't manage to attend this farewell dinner
But still, we appreciate your teaching a lot!

Thank you, thank you , thank you.
Thanks to all the lecturers who taught us before.
I don't have much words to say other than thank you.
We are happy to be part of Tarc Penang DPR students.
Thank you for being our lecturers for two years time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wishes For You

Dear Stim Miao aka Lee Mei. =)

Hey hey. Today is the very first day you join NS.
Well. I know you wouldn't see this in the short
period but STILL, I wrote this though.

Take care of yourself in the camp ya!
And please don't miss us too much. XD
But no worry there. We will miss you for sure.

Ehem ehem...
Though get into NS but please enjoy ok?
Anyway, you are going to Balik Pulau White Resort.
SO NEAR ok! Still in Penang, at least.
I got lotsa memories there, Childhood.

You can imagine a 'sua ba' kid
running here and there,
with her grandma's voice shouting around.
*evil laugh*

Aiya. Just. Don't think too much.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dearest Cousin


You came and would never left, forever.
Cause You are always live in our hearts.
Though You are no longer here anymore
But still,
Your spirit will be with us
All the times.

We are proud of You as a new born baby in our family.
We care much about You as you are part of our family.
We love You nomatter how and wherever you go.
Shall Your charming face stays with us
Throughout the wholelife.
For bringing us
Warms and Joys in these periods.

May you Rest In Peace, dearest cousin.