Friday, February 19, 2010

TimeTable for Y2M57 2010 3rd Sem.

B101 9-10am AHMC2114 LLH
DKC 1-3pm AHMC2474 NIY

T210 9-10am AHMC2474 NIY
DKC 11-1pm AHMC2114 LLH

B102 11-1pm AHMC2114 LLH
B105 2-4pm AHMC2474 NIY

DKC 2-4pm AHMC2114 LLH

DKD 12.30-2.30pm AHMC2474 NIY

I hate this timetable so so so so much.
Damn it. *sigh*
It's ok anyway. It will be the last sem of my diploma study.
Guys! I'm going to graduate from TARc!


Finished this 8 episode drama in 1 night.
Well. This is the first 青春偶像劇 in M'sia I guessed.
I saw 2 friends who 客串 in this drama. XD
YA. Cause this drama is actually took in their college.
HanChiang(韓江) in Penang. X)
東于哲,Rynn林宇中and曾若冰are the main chac.
Lalalala. Not bad.
Suddenly feel that Penang is beautiful
after watching this drama. Ha
該不會 我比較欣賞的女藝人都姓'曾'吧?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year.
Yeah. Time flies very fast. I supposed.
Well. It's another Chinese New Year, again.
Brand New Year. Grand New Year.
After this CNY, I will have my last semester
for my Diploma in Mass Communication Certificate.

Still. I'm lost for what I want.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tada. Ate a lot's day.

Went Seoul Garden in the afternoon yesterday.
With Uncle Koh FuYong and my sister.
Full. But I didn't eat my lovely honey dew ice-cream.
>"< >"< >"< >"< >"< >"<

Afterwards then went working.
Lalalala.. Time flies so fast.
Few hours passed. And It's time to go for dinner!

I'm sososososo happy. G-rians gathering. XD
At where? Faces lorh. =)
But I didn't ate much. You know.
I ate a lot at Seoul Garden already what~
So I just have some mushroom soup for my dinner.
Yummy yummy.

And 20 something 20th girls are actually mad.
'Some' of them (us) keep shouting. XD
The waitress and waiter might me : ohmygod.
Shhhhh...Can't let them know we are all
graduated from PengHwa. Muahahahahahaha.

Till then. Going to tuition again. (I'm not student)
Lalalalala. Lazy.

OhYA OHyA...
Happy CNY eve everyone =)

Friday, February 5, 2010

5th February 2010


Long time no see.

Holidays left 2 weeks. ="=
OHMYGOD. I did nothing in this holidays. =(
Ohohohohohohoh. I did one thing which is nice.
I checked my teeth and clean it finally at the clinic.

Working.SLeep.Online.Eat.Drink.Play?Watch TV.
See?I'm enjoying my holidays SO much.
Sigh. Who knows hows my results in the pass exam.
Nonononono. Ignore it.

Holiday+ing what. =)

See Ya!