Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Okay. Here I am, again, FINALLY.

Convo is over. *sigh*
I miss all of them in Tarc Penang.
PaiHui, Ming, Vaysh, Sis 66, KC, Vivian etc... =(
Do keep in touch Okay?


This is the 5th week I stay in Kampar.
Everything is actually run smoothly until my mind
is loaded by assignmentS, Assignments and aSsIgNmenTs.

What more do you think,
Anything else other than ASSIGNMENTS?

Oh. I joined the music club of UTAR.
And you will never thought I will join the choir too.
Frankly, I never thought that I will involve myself
in any choir activity in my entire life.
But YES. I'm in the choir, NOW.
Sorprano somemore. OHMYGOD. Sorprano.

For those who don't know how am I going to Uni
everyday, I ride. YES. Riding bicycle.
Hope I can keep fit but I don't reallt think it works.

And I'm actually renting a single-bedroom at Eastlake.
Eastlake is so-called forest area compare to Westlake.
Because most of the Utarians stay at Westlake and,
NewTown is at Westlake with all kinds of shoplots
and restaurants, including CC. YEAH.
As you know. Students like to 'yam cha' in the midnight.
Especially this FIFA season.
So you can still seeing students walking here and there
in the middle of the night at westlake area.

Kampar always rain and rain and rain and rain.
Non-stop. Until I have to cycle in the rain after school.
You know the weather is so UNpredictable.
Before you enter the lecture hall,
the sun is shining up on the sky.
After you finish the lecture and come out,
it might be raining, heavily.

I think I should buy myself a raincoat.
Umbrella helps nothing.

Till then.

[P.s: Vaysh, updated. =D ]
[P.p.s: Ming, Nah. you said you don't read chinese blog.]

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Brand new starting point is now here.
Where am I now?
I'm on the way to reach my future.

Just give me some times,
To suit myself in the new environment.
I'm sure I will get used to it soon.

Kampar, Here I come!