Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eat. Food. Eat.

28 April 2009

Breakfast of the day

-Hot Milo & jacob biscuits+cheese

Healthy huh? XD

Ah. Legs still pain. I'm so dead. =.=


Look. My stupid bro cooked last Sunday.
For our lunch. Why?
Cause he got the 3rd place in the KDU Power Chef competition.
And mummy refused to cook so then he was the chef that day.
Congratulation ya Shu.

Well, I did help him to cut the onion and the mushroom.

Somehow, I helped to taste. Haha.

Actually nothing special la but he used the different way

to cook the spagetti lo. He put the pasta together with the

sauce and 'goreng' it. Not really goreng though.


This is how the food looked.

It tasted normal I promise.

Not very very very delicious though.

But just normal.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Splash Pool...

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Koh!
Hahaha..Splash Pool, you old jor..XD

Bread History's cheese cake.

Let's see the photo. TZ was far away.

This time he stood nearer to me and FY.
Finally we were close but he looked away! *ish*
We went redbox today, to celebrate FY's birthday.
Ahahaha...Quite fun actually. Hope he did enjoy leh.
And wth they keep saying me and FY. o.O
Since when I 'got road' with him wor.
But, congratulation! He is finally graduate from Matrik.
Wish yea you can get into USM. =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Holidays...BEGIN!

Guys! I'm having one month holidays from now untill
25 of May. Woo HOo..

Exam is finally over (OldJane, you will soon to join us XD).
Good luck for your Hubungan Etnik paper anyway.

Ah. Year 1 is over. OVER. Fast huh?
It is like I just entered the college yesterday and by now,
I'm finished the last semester of Year 1 Diploma.

Vayshna, Sis66, KahChun, OldJane, LaiMing, YingPei...
ChungHuan, KianWah, Judah, Lynn, Erica, PeiYin...
Vivian, MingMing, Doraemon, YenLee, YinTing...
Margaret, AhMei, WenFeng...
I knew you all nearly a year huh? Fast. Really fast.
Nice classmates I'm having. And glad to have you all
as my classmates too. Y1M57= us. We= Y1M57.
Okay, maybe now should change to Y2M57. XD

Times like water in the stream, flowing fast, yet smooth.


Let's see (AGAIN) what to do in these holidays.. =)
1. Renew my Identity Card.
2. Go for dentist.
3. Sleep (as many as I could)
4. Dvds (this is a must)
5. Facebook! (I'm addicted to pet society&restaurant city)
6. Work & earn $$ (of course la, working at Kumon what)
7. Clean my room and the family hall. (messy since I started revision)
8. Go movie with KKY! (KoayKahYing laa.)
9. Hang out with other friends. (waiting CX to come back too)
10. Drawing and writing (as if I'm in mood)
11. Student leader training camp.
12. Wesak Day.
13. Forum gathering.
14. Finish eclipse (Vayshna, wait for me to discuss with you!)

Now......Happy Holidays!

P/s: Happy Birthday to our beloved- Mr. Earth!
Love HIM? Then please appreciate HIM.
Don't simply throw the rubbish and don't open
your air-conditional so OFTEN. =)

21 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Stupid bro!
You are now officially 17th.


Chiang-Chiang~ The birthday siao lala.


Tada- The siblings.
.....I am DaJie............The ErJie...........The idiot sis.....
Dad & mum forced him to take photo with Yee.
Owh~ How poor.
00.10am I woke up and smsed him a
"happy birthday."
He replied :
"Haha... Thanks... 也祝你每天都快樂...
Thanks foryour wishes... Haha..."
You see? Idiot or not?
Not to mention he was actually sleeping
in his room which is next to me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Got It

The rain bit the roof as hard as it could.
Opened my eyes, I stared at the clock.
It's too early for me to wake up.
Still, I did the last time revision before the paper.

Grey. The sky was grey in the morning.
But I saw a rainbow before I got into the car,
Up above the cloudy sky.

Walked silently into the auditorium.
I couldn't breath.
Took my place and tried to calm myself down.
Checked the questions with the shivered hands.
God bless me, please.

I stared, at the essay questions.
The questions smiled at me,
With the familiar characters and words.
My heart was laughing, I smiled without a noise,
As I couldn't in the silent venue.

One hour and fifteen minutes.
All the questions were done, under the blue pen.

Left the empty table and chair.
I leaved.
Bye Sejarah paper,
I swear I will never touched you again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Set Me Free

I wish,
I could escape from all the heavy loads.
I wish,
I could throw myself into the empty vacuum.
I wish,
I could stay away from the foolish exam.

Let me run, run away from the city.
Let me go, get away from all your thoughts.
Let me fly, to somewhere else where I belonged to.

Thoughts lost. Mindless. Breathless.

Just, set me free.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Different Friday Night

I spent my Friday night with Miss Ngu, for the first time.
4.26pm my phone rang but I missed to answer it. Checked.
Eh? It's Miss Ngu. Phoned back to her then.
Hello? Chia Chia, Miss Ngu here. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah...
She said she has 2 free tickets for a concert at Dewan Sri.
Just to see whether if I want to watch the concert too.
Err, ok, no problem. 7.55pm meet at Dewan Sri then.

I reached around 7.40pm. Why Dewan Sri so diam eh?
Not much car, not much people, not much noise.
I wondered Miss Ngu remember the correct date and time.
Still, I'm waiting. Finally, Miss Ngu came.
Miss Ngu, are you sure it's tonight?
Yea, I'm pretty sure, aren't today is 17?
Yea, today is 17. But you see, if here got a concert, how
come no people no car one? So diam the whole dewan.

Then Miss Ngu took out the tickets. Nah, 17th what.
Eh? Miss Ngu, it is May 17th and today is APIRL 17th.
Then both of us... WHAT? Ok lorh, we decided to have
our dinner at somewhere else to replace the so concert
incident. Miss Ngu leaved her bike at Dewan Sri then I
fetched her to somewhere at Georgetown to search for
food. That was the first time I drove at Penang Road at
night. Hunting hunting hunting...XD

She introduced a roadside stall which is quite famous of mee.
Not bad la. Ignore the smell of the drain*eww*, everything's
still fine. Haha, we talked a lots.. About food, politics, life ,etc.
Thanks Miss Ngu, for the bowl of mee and thanks to myself,
for two glasses of iced Milo.

I enjoyed it. A different Friday night. =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

To, my dearest friend...

Happy Birthday to you, TanSuiYen!
[The girl in black shirt]

Night? Or Morning?

!!OhNo OhNo OhNo!!
Someone was crazy in the middle of the the night.
Or should I say it is early in the morning?
01:40:34am phoned rang, a message came in.
'hey! Double +!! Sl3p d? Hahax.'
From? Mr Koh, that splash pool. XD
Half sms with him and study untill 3smtg.
Good Luck for him in his last paper- Business.
Mr. Pooh accompanied me to study.
See? He was teaching me EP.
Messy table.
Saw what's the time? It's FOUR in the morning. =)
I'm proud that I actually can stand untill 4am
(without taking a nap in the afternoon).
Start prepare for the final exam(next week)
SINCE last week.
Never knew I could be so hardworking.
Wee... I'm a good girl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working at Kumon for one month already.
There are some 'great' dialogue between me,
and the kids.

Dialogue 1:
Student A: Teacher, can I ask you a question?
Me: Yeah, of course.
Student A: Do you eat pork?
Me: What? Are you an Islam?
Student A: Yes.
Me: Then you cannot ask, do your work.
Student A: No, please, tell me, nice or not?
Me: Do you eat Lembu?
Student A: Yes!
Me: Then nice or not?
Student A: Nice la!
Me: Then same la.
Student A: You eat masak-masak one or roster one?
Me: Both.
Student A: But my frend told me pork not nice!
Me: ...

Dialogue 2:
Student B: I hate Kumon! I don't like maths.
Me : Maths are fun.
Student B: Fun? It's not fun!
Me : Be good, do faster.
Student B: I'm lazy pig. (She's thin and small like a cat)
Me: You are so thin, so you aren't pig, do faster.
Student B: No, I'm lazy, I dont want to come to Kumon.
Me : No, you must come to Kumon.
Student B: Why? I don't want.
Me : You need to come to Kumon then only can meet me.
Student B: You come to visit my house la!
Me : I don't know where your house is, so, you still must
come to Kumon.
Student B: ...

Dialogue 3:
Statement: Student C was tearing a RM0.79 price tag
from her folder and pasted it on my right hand.
Then I looked at her.
Me : What are you doing?
Student C: You are only RM0.79.
Me : So?
Student C: Then I can buy you with 80 cents so that you
can teach me everytime I come Kumon.
Me : ...
Student C: Why you never cut your finger nails?
Me : Because I'm waiting for you to cut for me.
Student C: Really a? Then if I cut your meat leh?
Me : Then I will cry.
Student C: You will cry a? Never mind, after you cry then
you still gotta pay me for helping you so that I can buy you

with the money.
Me : ...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

PCGHS Sport Days and CLHS Chinese Orchestra concert

Woke up at 7 in the morning.
.Breakfast.Peng Hua.
Weee.... Sports Day!
Well, I'm not going to watch the sports for sure.
Err..Walking around and met few friends.
Chit-chat.Walked again. Saw HM and XF..
Then met Fanfan.We had a big hug.
She doesn't change much actually.
Just maybe a little bit more, happy?
Eh? Two pwople suddenly pop out at jiao che peng.
It's Dudu! Hamsap Du!! XD
Saw dudu together with yy. Dudu buli me.
She's the one hamsap actually but keep calling
me hamsap! Yellow Tan.. *evil laugh*
Then suddenly yy asked me:
Do you know who I am?
Eh? Yy ma. I shouldn't know?
Hmmph.. weird la.. =.=
DUDU! You bluff me! You said you are not
going!! But you appeared in front of me.
Met LeeMei and JLan.
Chat awhile with'em at the Jiao Che Peng.
Suddenly, I saw a people with a very tired look
-drinking water while walking. Eh? So familiar?
Then I asked LeeMei, is that XinXuan?
She turned her head and answered me, Yes.
What?! Then both of us - Xin Xuan!
Then ah, we hug hug lorh.. XD
Aiyoyo. How come you hair ah.
'Pong' again??
You are totally different in my mind you know.
Never Mind.
That will be your new look in my mind now.
-a girl which have a head of curley hair and quite 'pong'.
So sad we didn't take any photo.
Saw TH, too. Weee... I miss you a lots!
I spent most of my time to walk and talk with XinXuan.
Lalala. Ok, I'm sorry for what I did.
But at least I was back to get you, right?
Cheer cheer. Sorry.
Ehehehe... I got presentS to receive.
From LeeMei and mua honey, JF.
Ta-da. The keychain is from LM.
Then the 'Love' box is from JF.
CLHS Chinese Orchestra Concert
at Dewan Sri.
My siao lala brother was SOLO+ing.
My stupid idiot brother.

Guys, he was the conducter too!
I admit I don't know he can conduct.
I sat with LeeMei whole night for the concert.
We talked alot.. XD
Well, after the concert we hugged each other.
She told me that was our first hug.
And Wanwan looked very girly now!
OMG... Pretty ki. =)

Here's the flower he got.
The roses were from CLHS.
The sunflowers were from JitSin.

He is just so HANDSOME than usual in the concert.
With the silver tie and black coat.
Just a little aren't perfect,
he is not as tall as others.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

阿桑 - 叶子
叶子 是不会飞翔的翅膀
翅膀 是落在天上的叶子
天堂 原来应该不是妄想

孤单 是一个人的狂欢
狂欢 是一群人的孤单
爱情 原来的开始是陪伴

我一个人吃饭 旅行 到处走走停停
也一个人看书 写信 自己对话谈心 h

她 走了



Monday, April 6, 2009



態。 那么如果一個嬰兒真的被允許這樣丟下去,
面上。 掉到別的星球不說,如過真的是這樣,



Friday, April 3, 2009

7.30am in the morning.
Took the photo while driving.

See what's tht. A teddy is 'driving'!
Okay, that's PHui's son. XD

Vivian said this is the pretty girl.
Tests today.
2 papers.
I don't know.
New name for PHui :
1st.Old Jane
2nd. Lao Pai Hui
We are waiting a shop call Old Jane
with the famous coffee named kopi jane!
*laugh out loud*
Elyn asked me out this Sunday.
So that I can accompany her go hiking.
Unexpected. XD

Thursday, April 2, 2009



Finally. The assignment is DONE. *huray*
I hate last minutes work and guess no people like it.
But, but... Frankly, I'm quite enjoy the way we
discussed the assignment through msn all together the
whole night with all the group members (except for one) .
You can feel everyone is actually doing the same things
together at the same time. Cool and nice the experience.
It is a 100% perfect experience if it isn't a last minutes
discussion. XD and we gotta admit the statement below:
Technology is actually help a lots in this modern world.

Thanks to the group members those giving fully co-
operation tonight. Lynn, Vian, Jane, Ling... Thanks.

Happy April Fool.