Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Still. Gurney.

Celebration at Spring Cafe.
We watched Mr Bean that day. XD

Cappuccino at Spring Cafe.

Chicken Chop.

Christmas Present.

Thanks to PaiHui. *kiss kiss*

Story of Teddy and Momo oops! Its Chocolate.

Hello momo. Im teddy.
Why you so fat? >"<

You see? I couldn't hug you!

Oh. Aunty Vayshna!

My mum said I'm not momo.

I'm chocolate.
Momo is together with Papa.
I'm trying to search them.

Aunty Ming tried to bully ME!

Exhibition Preparation

PR Board.
Our group did it.
Guess who is this stupid.

Our Year 1 assignment. Nice huh?

Lecturer of SSH - Miss Lim

Lecturer of SSH- Miss Louise Ngoi

Lecturer of SSH- Miss Ngu
I don't have any Miss Normah's photo. XD

Random 3

Yea. Recently still PETS addicted. XD

I love BR.

My ice-cream.

Went to eat BeiJingSweetDuck.
I don't know the name in English.

Nice. XD

Random 2

Continue from Random 1.
Cappuccino at Coffee Island.
We were there for few hours
to discuss our Magazine.

This people is Ming. But she's not the
main chac in this photo.
Look at MY sun glasses, it's vaysh and me.

Hot weather. Gurney Drive.
Yea, we walked along the road under the sun.

Seoul Garden.

Look Oily but Yummy.

Went Starwalki with Ming.
We managed to finish 10 km in 2 hours.
Don't looked down on girls, GUYS. XD

I forgot when was it.
Having breakfast set at Prima Tanjung.
With Vaysh, KC, Ming and Sis 66.

Penang is flooded.



Random 1

Well since I dodn't update for such a 'long-time'.
Nah. Here's some so-called random picture which
I chose from my cellphone and it was happening in
these few monthS passed. X)
This was took during November.
While celebrate Grandma's bday at
Little Genting (The Thai Food Palace)

This photo is nice and it is part our airport.

Smile. Nice weather.

I forgot when. We were having the tutorial
discussion at the corridor.

This is stupid damn bad day I had.
You can see what happened to my tyre.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas =)

Merry Christmas EVERYONE. C=

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Good tidings we bring
To you and To me
Good tidings for christmas
And a happy new year

College assignmentS and midterm-testS are all over!
But which is also meant that
Final is countdown in 2 weeks time. *sigh*

Who cares!

Ignore it first. Now is the season for cheering!
Christmas and New Year! Yew Hoo...XDDDD


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everything. DONE.
Well, TIAN CHIA CHIA are you SURE?

Week 12 is having another mid-term test
for Miss Louise's subject. *sigh*

I want nobody nobody but YOU.
This song is so funny. XDDD