Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday.

Gurney drive. *raining*


Fetch SJ after kumon. I drove to her house the very
first time. I meant, up to the 'moutain'. Reach Gurney
arround 3pm, parking. Then window shop for awhile.
We went Sushi King while waiting Hoong.
Movie. The Unborn. The most funny things ever
happened today. Because the movie is 18SG, when I'm
buying the tickets, the ticket seller asked:
Are you sure 3 of you are over 18th?
Yes, we are.
And then, the ticket-checker. Can you show me your
Identity Card? Then 3 of us was like what? Did we
looked so young? We are here to celebrate someone
19th's birthday we are no longer 18 laaa.. Fine. Checked.
Then get up to the escalator. Somebody asked us to wait.
Sorry, can you show me your Identity card ,again?
AGAIN!!! What the... PeopleS looked at us.
The movie. Ahahahaha. *cold*
Hoong and we nearly hug each other for it.
We already hold our hands very tight. And
SJ said: It is not that scary actually. *OhMy*
Went Gurney drive and walked in the rain.
Why rain? WHY? Tell me why ~~
Unexpected. We went Ban Hoe and have some
drinks. Fetched SJ home. Then go Hoong's house.
8.30pm. We swtiched the light of and lighted
the candles up. Piano.. We played piano in the dark.
It's a new experience and quite fun, too.
Rubiks for the rest of the time I spent in her house.
And we sent SJ a video via mms.
The present I gave her.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

AY told me Hershey is totally recover.
I miss Hershey.. AY's house.. AY's music instruments
the piano, the drum set, the bass, the keyboard,the
guitar the class-band memories..and of course AY,too.
Hershey... Hershey... was sick last few weeks.
But glad to know she is fine now.
God bless you.
Went to One-stop popular book sales yesterday.
Cool man. 90% discount... *huray*
I bought more than 10 books! Lalalalalala...
Nice nice nice.... 13 books only cost me RM79.

BOOKssssssssss.... I like bookSsssss....

RM90smtg 90% discount ->RM9smtg..
RM50smtg 90% discount ->RM5smtg..
RM30smtg 90% discount ->RM3smtg..

BOOKsssssssssss... I love bookSsss......


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We LOVE you forever!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is the first time I don't have any idea what to do
for my individual assignment and presentation.


You don't even wish to let me know what's your problem
but you rather to tell the one who is hundred kilometer
far away from you than me. Am I really useless? Or you
don't even think I'm one of your best friends like last
time I did? Why did you to keep everything from me?
Why I can't be the one to understand or help you?
Are you trying to tell me : 'Get away!' ...? *sigh*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Picked SJ up at 9someting after the morning test.
We went sunrise for MY breakfast. Why there was
only mine while we were two people there?
Because SJ just simply go with me and order neither
food nor drinks.

Damn. I woke up at 6.30am today. Early huh?
Cause the Tamandun Islam test is having at 8.30am.

KahChun gave me a ride on his motorcycle after work.
Ahahaha. I had been a long time do not ride on any
motorcycle since popo moved to new house.
Althought it's only a short distance he took me but
it is fun to ride on the motorcycle.

Tired. I'm tired. And wil be continue to tired.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Went Prangin Mall with aunty Agnes, my
dearest cousins Wei and Ming, Popo and Yee..
Ahahaha.... Sushi King for tea-time. =)

Busy eating... Busy reading menu...

And guess what, when we decided to go home..
Aunty Agnes's Vios was just next to us..
At the traffic light near Union. Coincidence.

Uncle Liang brought us for movie last night.
As popo and yee were joining us, we chose
the cartoon movie and,

The Tale Of Despereaux

Young Despereaux, a brave mouse don't know
how to be afraid. Of cats or whatever.

After growing up. Cute huh?

Emma Watson was the sound actor for the
princess in the movie.

Monday, March 16, 2009

14 March 2009, Saturday.

Happy Birthday to FanFan.. =)
Went working at 10am. Then I parked the car nicely
at the roadside. Ok, everything went smoothly.
5pm, I went to my car and.. Eh? The car's right
signal light gone! OHMYGOD! Somebody knocked
my car and he/she ran away. And the point is,
that's my mum's car! Sorry, mum.
Uncle Hin house warming. The house is just so BIG
and NICE!

Then I followed Uncle Liang to popo house and stayed
for a night at Balik Pulau.

Happy White Valentines' Day.

15 March 2009, Sunday.

Woke up at 9 in the morning. Did nothing for the whole
morning but just talked with popo... Lalalala...
Packed things and went Pulau Tikus.
Had our dinner at AhZui at Paya Terubong.
I told Uncle Liang I want to eat LokLok. Guess what.
He brought me to padang [near CDK] and eat..
YumYum.. To bad I was a lil full and did not eat much.
Back to the apartment and watch Swiss Open
[Badminton] with popo. Congratulation to Datuk Lee
Chong Wei,he won LinDan ; Tan Boon Heong and
Koo Kean Keat, their both won Denmark for the man
double championship. After watching, slept.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ms Ngu class at 9am today.
I reached at 9am sharp. I was not late.
Vivian sicked. She keeping sneezing and talking.

After Ms Ngu's class, PaiHui decided to go and
have our breakfast(or lunch?) at corner.
The main point was, she was the driver!!
Finally, she gave me a ride.. Ahahaha..
But wait. Someone was planning to get out her
car before she turned off the engine. =.='''

Thanks for treating me the chicken rice anyway.. =)

Back to Azman. God. The lecture was so bored as
you can imagine we still need to study Sejarah in
the afternoon while the lecturer was just standing
in front and read his slides. The lecturer was too
satisfied with our attitude [talking non-stop] so he
gave us the extra works- mind map for 7 chapters.
SEVEN! SEVEN! It's SEVEN chapterSss. *sigh*


Then we went Sunrise McD for Ms Ngu's assignment.
Just a small discussion anyway.
Err.. There was a small accident when PaiHui tried
to reverse her car. We heard 'bom'. Her car knocked
the roadside. Thanks again for riding me to One-stop.

I saw soya on the way home today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I fetched daddy to grandma's house yesterday.
That was only the 3rd times I fetch daddy since I got
my driving lisence in 2007 December.
Well, although I'm driving for more than a year I'm
still feeling stress with daddy behind me.
But phew, this time daddy did not scold me or order
me when I was driving. Was that mean my driving
skills are better or improve? *huray*

Popo is going to Japan this June. So FUN.
Aunty Agnes just came back from Siam with Uncle
Raymond. She bought us the fried chicken.
We watched the badminton match, LeeChongWei v
LinDan and eating the fried chicken from Siam.
And finally, LinDan won the game..
As usual, he threw his racket after he won.
I wonder how many rackets he bought since he played
badminton and everytime he won he sure threw it.

Raining day... Suit my mood. But it isn't because I'm
crying. I just think the raining day and windy season
may help in cooling down my mind and think everything
clearly as like the weather can wash or clean it up...

Space. I need more spaces... Big one, empty one.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

-TAGGED- 幸福套餐

Rules #1: 被点者请在自己的BLOG写下答案。
Rules #2: 请传给另外其他人。(至少3个)
Rules #3: 传阅人请在这时个人的留言板中,告知他/她已被点名了。
Rules #4: 这些被点名者,被点的会得到幸福,愿望立刻实现。


你的绰号: PlusPlus, Chia^2...
年龄: 再過六個月多滿十九
生日: 9月23日
星座: 天秤座
兴趣: 聽歌唱歌,睡覺,想東西

你有没有喜欢的人: 有吧
是否在交往: 肯定不是
现在幸福吗: 以一個學生的角度,我算幸福了吧
你最想做的事是: 做好自己 不在care些有的沒的
如果有一天你爱的人跟你告白,你会: 說不出話來

点你的人是: dudu aka 小純純
她是你的: 當然是朋友咯
她的个性: 很喜歡人家夸她幽默可愛的可愛家伙
认识她多久: 三、四個月??
你觉得她怎样: 夠好笑,夠可愛,而且有時候說的話超哲理的
你想对她说什么: 你真的很可愛...XD

最爱的节目: 我很少看電視節目【可以說簡直沒有】
最爱的音乐: 聽了很有感覺的或是讓我有同感的
最爱的季节: 這里沒有四季,常年如夏,不懂
最爱的卡通: 熟悉我的人都知道是 小叮當
最爱的人: 家人是當然的還有幾個XXX咯
最爱的颜色: 淡藍色,淡紫色,淡綠色,黑色
最爱的国家: 從卻中
最爱的天气: 雨天?晴天?刮風?落葉?都喜歡...看心情咯

1) 我的家人朋友會一直健康快樂
2) 我最最sayang的soya開開心心
3) 我出來社會以后能夠讓我的父母過更好的生活
最深刻的回忆: 太多了,數不清哦
你是个很有信心的人吗: 看什么事情咯,大多數沒有咯
你很爱微笑吗: 對陌生or不熟的人?熟的不用矜持,可以siao siao
如果要你放弃现在的生活: 除非放棄后能實現我剛剛許的三個愿望
新生活妄想什么样的生活: 一切安定 身邊的人都平安快樂
是否横刀夺爱才是爱: 不是吧,這是什么道理?

-hweikuan [momo]

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Went college to be usher for the college open days.
Well, I think I must experienced how to be an usher
as I'm a PR student, right? =) 0

Took photo after we 'ponteng'... XDXD

Today the 'zhong ji tian tuan' went Gurney for their
roadshow, we went and supported Evonne..
She is from the group named 'New Girls'.
I saw Gary.. You could see how near we stand from
the stage... And Doraemon was playing the game.

After the roadshow, KahChun, Sis66 and I was
having our dinner at Nando's...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Went Sunrise after Miss Ngu class with PHui and
KahChun. Happy Belated Birthday to PHui...
One McD meal... As her birthday present la.. XD

Birthday McChicken with frieds candle.. XD

Afterwards... Followed KChun to Kumon for an interview.
Waa....The interview test.. I have to admit my maths
are not weel as last time as I haf already 2 YEARS did
not touch it. *sob sob* But still, I passed the test.. =)
And I started working today. Wow..

There are some international students. And Malays and
Indians, too. Some of their maths level really high..
Sigh, their level is actually better than I.. They are only
kids and I'm going to 19th this year.. Can't imagine how
I'm going to teach them.

Well, 1st day is not bad anyway...
Good luck to me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009







Monday, March 2, 2009

1st class of the 3rd sem. Err... still ok cause Miss Ngu not
really start the lessons yet. We gotta finish 2 sudjects in
8 weeks period. That's mean we have double lessons for
each subjects a week to make us or the lecturer able to
finish the syllabus..

Dropped PaiHui at Gurney and met TH and SJ at Kim
Gary after class.. I've been a long period did not meet
them. The last time was before CNY I guess. SJ was
unhappy/angry with her Chemistry teacher. So, TH and
I listened to her to complain the teacher. And, as usual
[when hanging out with their both] , I'm the one who
talk much cause CX was not with us.. As you know my
talking speed sometimes could be fast, TH keep laughing
while I'm talking. She said so long did not hear people
talk like me.. And she felt funny when listening I talk. =.='''

At Parkson, SJ taught us some Physics theory as she's
the only Physics student among us NOW. SJ is in
Physics class, and TH and Sebrina is in the Biology class
in Peng Hwa. CX is now in Utar, KL, Degree of Chemical
Engineering if I'm not mistaken.. As for me, Tarc Penang,
Diploma In Mass Communication, maor in Public Relations.

We are now seperated. We used to spend a lot of tie
together during secondary school's times esspecially
Monday as we were all in the same house-Rumah Merah..

Kim Gary...

The egg looked 'cute'.. =3

p/s: I saw SM when I was on the way back home and
passed Peng Hua...'Ng See Man', I screamed her name
out loud from the car.. XD but too bad she didn't find
where was me...
Results via intranet.

1. Introduction to EP ..........................C-
2. English for Communication ...........B-
3. Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan ...........A-
4. Chinese Modern Writing ...............C+
5. Public Relations ...............................B
6. Mass Media Law ............................B+
Look. I failed 1 subject. *sigh*
Introduction to Electronic Publishing..
Well, plan to resit in this semester..
Hope the college is offering this subject for students
to resit in 3rd semester.
I failed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009