Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks Judah for the timetable.. =)

(lecture) AHMC 1084 (DKC) [1pm-3pm] -Miss Ngu

(tutorial) AHMC 1084 (B104) [2pm-4pm] –Miss Ngu

(lecture) AEMS 1412 (DKD) [1pm-3pm] -Azman

(tutorial) AHMC 1084 (B101) [9am-11am] -Miss Ngu
(lecture) AEMS 1412 (DKD) [11am-1pm] - Azman

(lecture) AHMC 1084 (DKC) [11am-1pm] -Miss Ngu

*No class on Saturday.

Timetable... Timetable...Timetable is released..
Results are going to release on next Monday. *uh oh*
School is going to reopen on next Monday, too. *oh no*

But there's a GOOD news. We only have TWO subjects in
third semester if I'm not mistaken... *huray*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

First, Happy Birthday to PaiHui aka Jennifer Tham..
And this is my little wishes for you..=)
Well, it might not be any expensive presents or cards,
but I'm sure it is the only one in this world.

Okay la, as you know, I'm not creative enough to
design another prettier card, but do trust me please,
I had tried my best to make this for you.. XD


-Design by Chia

Hope you like it.

Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look, because I was too bored so I viewed back the
memories - photo which had taken in the past.
And I found something lame but fun!
See? Lame huh? This is my Form 4 life..
Memories... I miss the past and friends very much...
也許 以往那些蹦蹦跳跳無憂無慮的日子
也許 幾年以后我們不再熟悉彼此


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another working day. Blah.
Frankly, I don't really like my new colleague.
She is a 32 year-old woman...
And very very very hyper-talkative.
I admit I'm a lame people BUT she's just
more lame than me. Urghh.... Hate it.
What Aids? HIV? Somemore took my picture
with her own cellphone without my permission.
What the HELL. I don't like those not really
close to me to touch me, wherever any part of my
body and she seemed like to touch people so much!
Gosh! 6 more days to go, come on...
How long the hell she knew me? Asked me out to have
dinner with her?? Please la! I don't think I will have
the apetite to eat with you.. =.='''
Don't ruin the rest of my holidays, please. I beg you.

Everyday wake up at 7am, then start working at
8.45am, afterwards go to pick my youngest sis up at
6.28pm after school, then fetch she home, then bath,
dinner, online , TV, sleep.

Repeat, repeat and repeat.

My holidays will end up like that, boring style. *sigh*

p/s: Vayshna,PHui... Nah.. Updated. =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

EeLin left, this evening.

This is the card I do for her based on a statement.
1. EeLin Loves Green.
2. Cows eat Grass.
3. Grass= Green.
4. EeLin= Cows.

And too bad I only know to draw a kind of cow.
So, here is how the card looks like.
Hope she likes it.


The content.
[My hand writing looked like computer typing.]

At the Airport.
I wonder were we actually laughing?

We went to airport. To?
Say last-time goodbye to EeLin. *sob sob*
I felt like crying but I didn't.
I tried joking, said the idiot things non-stop.
And I couldn't get any reason why I did so.
They laugh with what I've said.
But with tears together.
When I saw EeLin hug her mum, I really
sad. Sad why everyone gonna leave.
She went into the counter and checked-in.
We stood right outside at the enter, waving our
hands as hard as we could, to send our best
regards, toward the counter,
toward the window,
toward you, EeLin.





當你背上行囊 卸下那份榮耀
面帶著微微笑 用力的揮揮手

當你踏上月台 從此一個人走
深深的祝福你 最親愛的朋友

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm now, yea, right now. Confusing.
Whether am I suppose to go back for my fencing.
Everytime I opened my cupboard, and saw my
foil, suit and so on, I felt I'm lost, for fencing.
I do love fencing, frankly.
I stopped cause SPM on 2007 June.
And just now, mum was asking me why don't me
continue to fence. Fence? Fence.
I feel like going back to PAFA
(Penang Amateur Fencng Association).
But I am afraid. Afraid of I'm maybe getting too far
for all of my mates as I've never been fence for
almost 2 years. But I want fencing.
So, a decision might be done by tonight, before
I fall asleep.

Shall I continue, or not?

Who can give me some advices?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will be finish by tomorrow, I suppose.

First day of work. Not too bad though.
And so, looking for New Moon from soya.
But I don't think I can get it so SOON.

Never mind, I guess I can maybe read other
novel first, before I get New Moon. =)

Tired. Going to bed soon.
Night everyone.

Friday, February 6, 2009

When I was still in my dream...and.
My cell phone rang... 8.29am
: Hello? *yawn*
: Chia chia! I'm popo! Where are you now?
: Home.
: Are you going to school today?
: No.
: I thought you are having exam today?
: Today is the 1st day of my holidays.
: Aiya. Then never mind la, I just thought maybe you can
fetch me to somewhere else.
: Where?
: New house.. My friends want to visit it.
: Ok, I will go and fetch you then.
: REALLY? GREAT! I will call you later. Let me ask them 1st.
: ......

And then, I continued to sleep. But not over 5 minutes.
The phoned rang again.
: Hello? *sleepy voice*
: Chia Chia! What time are you coming?
: What is the time now?
: Around 8.30am.
: Urr... I will reach at 9.30am.
: Ok, I wait you! Don't drive too fast ya! Take your time.
: Ok, Bye.

I woke up. Brushed my teeth. Showered myself.
And went out at 9am sharp.
I reached Pulau Tikus to fetch popo at 9.40am and met
her and her friends up outside the apartment. Good time
'estimater' [I meant me]. They were just walk back from
the pasar to have their breakfast.
Well.. Popo bancuh a cup of Milo for me. Yucks. I hate
milk. And she put so many in the cup together with Milo..
: Popo! Why you put so many milk powder?
: It's good for you. Just drink it.
: Yucks... I hate the smell of milk.
: This brand very good 1. Drink more.
Smelly milo with too much milk was my breakfast today.

Then, my one day trip to Balik Pulau together with 4
50 year-old above aunty started.
1st .we went to pasar. Bought some vege and meat.
Popo's new house was the next destination.
I enjoyed my time there cause I got the chance to take a
half hour nap there at popo's room while all the aunties
were talking their grandmother's stories at living room. =3
I was hungry. HUNGRY. Then finally they decided to have
our lunch at 'Xin Lo Tao' to eat the popular Laksa.
Sigh. But the shop did not open today.
Popo asked me to drive to her old house which had sold to
others for NS camp. Hmmph. Not to mentioned I'm
hungry, I just drove my car to Kampung Genting and let
the Pulau Tikus visitors to have a look of my childhood
sweet and memorable popo house.
Tada. Finally. It's time for lunch. I had a plate of 'dry cintan'
and shared 'cha mee sua' with popo.

They praised that I'm very guai and at least still got the
heart to fetch and accompany them for so long.
[From 9.30am to 3.30pm]Quite long huh?
I sayang my popo just like how she sayang me.

I felt funny and exhausted for the 'trip' today.
Funny cause I saw and heard what the oldies talked.
Their reaction sometimes made me felt we, as the teenagers
are far complicated than what they thought.
Tired cause I drove whole ways and was pressure to have
so 'many' oldies in my car. But still fine.

This wass how my 1st day of the sem break went.
I experienced to spent half of my day with the oldies.

p/s: I get 3 angpaos which are enough to cover the petrol..=)
I spent nearly an hour to find some movies which had
Kristen Stewart inside as any of the character.
I found 3 today.. XD
And finally, I got six of'em now out of 20 movies,
including Twilight. *clap clap*

Ok, lets talk about today's exam, the last paper of
this semester- Mass Media Law.
Oh well well.. Still ok, I meant the questions.
Not that hard, aren't them? although the defamation
question was a lil stricky.. And I only don't know how
to answer the question 2(e)..the ethic things. >.<

Lifes is always fragile and unpredictable.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks for the 'surprise'... ^^
I appreciate it very much...

Today the journey to college wasn't smooth.
In fact, I was thinking of Cheng Cheng stuff and,
I can't really concentrate when I was driving.
Cheng Cheng's face keep on flowing out in my mind.

I was scare when I'm driving. Scare. Yea. Afraid.
I don't know what I was afraid of..
I saw a lorry and was planning to cut it..
When I was half way to cut it, it suddenly drove
near to right handside which is quite near to my
car. I was shock and then horned and... break.
There was only me in the car at the moment.
No sis, no friends, no parents. I was like,what if the
lorry driver didn't saw me and he just drive the lorry
straight turn to my side? What if I can't manage to
break my car and just knock the lorry?

I'm now afraid. Afraid of driving..

Many people is leaving..And when will be me?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Went Queensbay today.Waited my lovely honey
- JF.. for 57 minutes.
Shopping alone for 2 and a half hour..
When I walked pass the centre zone and stopped
to take the photo of the CNY decoration.. A kids
throw a coin at me.. Actually he was trying to throw
it at another kids but he lost control... =.='''
1.57pm.. Finally she came. =)
Our first movie - Red Cliff II.
No bad to watch, I meant the movie.. XD
And we took photo at the 大头贴shop.
Can't believe that we actually used an hour
to take 10 pictures! Damn long, right?
And the Malay shopper said our photo cantik.
I wonder if she was peli us... *winks*
Today was quite fun la..

Hoi, honey... hope you like that valentines' day
prezzie yea... =)


更没有生物 是永生的

你走了 去到离我们遥远的天堂
抬头望着夜空 寻找你的踪影
才赫然发现 你正对着大地眨眼睛

你走了 去到离地面很远的天堂
低头回味着过去 记忆开始放映
才恍然大悟 你已把最好的留给大地

乒乓落地的声音 是你我拥有共同的回忆
手里握着的球拍 是联系我们相识的唯一

献给你 已离我们而去的开希
我们会站在这里 守护属于我们的回忆






Monday, February 2, 2009

It is the 8th day of CNY.
I was exhausted and tired with EATON stuff.
I don't understand why they put me to handle
the counter at new branch. *winks*
Hmmph. Start working from 8.30am to 2.ooam
yesterday. See? More than 12 hours.
Had my dinner at 12.30 in the midnight.. =P
Slept for 4 and a half hours and continue working.
LY sms me this morning about an accident news.
I was shocked when I knew the news was about
cheng cheng... He passed away in the accident.
乘乘,请你安息。乒乓的回忆将永远活在group 4
Remember huh? We always match up to fight with
others and hit them down.
You are in our heart, always.


Group four wont be perfect if we couldn't get
you with us in the group.

I felt sad when I remember what did YE told me
about Jason. His mum, my cousin passed away
last year, during my birthday.. And the catalog
of EATON still print out his mum hp number.
He told YE, you see? My mum hp number is still
here and the next moment, he stared at the catalog
for a long period.. We felt sad bout seeing him,
missing his mum whose no longer in this world..

Guys, appreciate and cherish everyone right beside
you. We never knew what will actually happen in the
next second..