Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ping Pong. Test.. For? Running.
I stop at level 6(3)...uh oh.. I can't get higher marks
already... And Mr '乘乘' reached the maximum
level which are Lever 12(12). Gawd! How could he did it!
I think all the guys admire him... Congratulation XD
We learnt to judge matches today.
Weee.... Finally, I know how to judge a Ping Pong match.
Play 4 matches today. 2 win 2 lose.
And I hit LY with 7 v 0...=P
Our group kapten JLing. Because this is the 2nd times
for her to be late , the entire group members have to do
pumping. Miss Lim said if next week she lates AGAIN,
the entire class will kena. Owh please JLing, don't be
late next week, or else everyone will hate you.

BM class, nothing special.

Mass Media Law lecture. Well, as usual. But we took a lot
of photo today.. XD

Vivian-She is saying 'no'.

Mr Kah Chun. =.=

PHui! She's thinking how to turn her car.. XD

Naughty girl playing game.

Cakes. Bought it at the charity fair at college.

The one I think who are beautiful.. shhhh.

See her '.....' face... =P

With Vivian's spec. [am acting cute o.O]

School bus. A 'don't know who' left her bag and books on
the bus. Everyone know the bus leaves at 4.30pm. We
suppose can leave earlier but the bag's owner did not
come to the bus so we waited her for maybe 15-20 minutes.
The bus uncle couldn't wait any more so he took the bag
and books to the guide house. At the same time, the bag's
owner phoned one of the passenger on the bus.
STUPID. She said she will take the bus at G block.
What the @%#$. At last, she must take the next bus.
Good decision. Or else, She will scold by the bus uncle,
I guess. Talk a lot with Joanne and Vayshna. Hehe.
Maybe they will think I'm so very talkative.
Who cares? XDXD

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh ya oh ya...
Yesterday went Tan Hsiang Temple..
And then I met Pn Tay Yoke Chew..XD
She was my Physic teacher last year..
Weeee..Guess what, she said me and my sis
are very 'guai'.. and we have good attitude.. =)
Hey hey..Dad and mum, both of you should be
there when the teacher praising us okay.. =D

Today wasn't bad.
But I felt sleepy during MassMediaLaw lecture. *yawn*
It wasn't boring anyway, maybe I should sleep earlier
on the previous night... hehe...

Look at that guy. He's my CMW Teacher.
-Dr. Goh. (CMW=Chinese Modern Writing)

Cute huh? Aren't he... =D

I like my CMW class. We learnt many 人生道理
during the class. That is nice! His lesson always
make me think much more about my life..

These are our Electronic Publishing's practical work.

This is mine.. nice huh??

Ming2's,Phui's,Vayshna's,KChun's,Chia's and HuiIm's

Which one nicer?? A~lah..sure all also nice la..=)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Come on! I like 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯~

I'm die+ing. I like 米麒麟and關小舒...
After watching this TV show, I found that I
like 卓文萱... Well, At least I think she's beautiful..
Owh..owh... She's beautiful! Aren't she??

Look, Uncle and aunty went Cameron.
And they bring us roses and strawberries~

Roses..[White, pink,red and yellow..]

Strawberries~~~ I like it.. =P

Owh, I saw mummy 'cried' last night. WHY?
We watched TV and then suddenly I felt something
wrong so I turned my head around and saw mum's
eyes was water+ish.. Then I very sui, I asked popo,
:Popo, did you cry?
And guess what my popo answered.
:Siao a? Nothing to cry pun.
Walao-eh, then you can imagine I laugh as loud as I
can..And my mum leh.. speechless bout that.
See la, how 'sui' I am. *hiak hiak hiak...*
Tagged by : momo

1. What is the relationship of you with him/her?
- siao friends,lala...XD

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
i ) naughty
ii) funny
iii) siao siao
iv) momo
v) cute

3. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?
erm...the ji nian ce she wrote for me.

4. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you?

5. If he/she become your lover, you will... is IMPOSSIBLE..XD

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
very sad...T_T

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on...
this will never happen laa...

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
erm...wont happen duno the reason..=]

9. The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?
dunno leh...

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
funny and talkative..XD

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
funny girls and siao siao 1..

12. The character of you for yourself is?
stupid idiot.

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
well, too much..XD

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
erm..mayb the one bring people happiness..

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them..
Owh...i appreciate it..thanks!

10 people to tag :
i) Ee Lin
ii) Vayshna
iii) Jane226
iv) Mayne
v) Sumiyukiko
vi) Bluewish
vii) Momo
viii) Jlan
viiii) Fiona
x) Suan Eng

Who is number 2 *Vayshna* having a relationship with?
Eh..this i dunno leh...muahaha

Is number 3 *jane226* a male or a female?
haha...female laa.

If number 7 *momo* and 10 *suan eng* were together would it be a good thing?
wei..they are girls...

How about number 5 *sumiyukiko* and 8 *jlan* ?
erm...haha...[jl n sumi..i fa shi..this is just coincidence.]

What is number 1 *ee lin* studying about?
if im not INTI!!

Is number 4 *Mayne* single?
hmmph...not sure..but i think nop..XD

Say something about 6 *bluewish*?
a girl which younger than me..

Say something about 9 *Fiona*?
She is a 'cool' girl... =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lcorner gathering at 火鍋之家......XD

Look all the 蝦殼!All were my 杰作... =/

The 'fishy' I bbq. Thanks Blu-wish for helping..XD

ice-cream melt jor..=.=



Blu-wish...and 雨rainforest淋


牛魔王 and 雨rainforest淋 【again】


Thursday, October 23, 2008

...Peng Hua versus Tarc...

Lol..I'm too mou liu.. So..just post for fun..
Firstly.. Happy birthday to my dearest darling!
The birthday girl - Ee Lin... ^^V
Happy birthday yea.. haha..
Finally you are eighteen. weee.....

God. I'm in serious state of getting cold.
Cough and cough.. Sneeze and sneeze.
Ate panadolSs also no use. And grandma's
'pi pa gao' also can't let me feel better.
What the.... blah. I thought of a song:
Keep sneezing keep keep sneezing nose
I keep sneezing I keep keep sneezing nose...
hehehe.. Fans of Leona Lewis.. Don't kill me ya.

The coming Saturday will going to full with assignmentS.
Vivian said 10am meet at Coffee Bean at Queensbay.
Phew.Luckily it was Queensbay. If Gurney, I die. Heh.

Yay, Monday is holiday because of Deepavali.
But I don't understand why we still need to replace the
class on Thursday as it is a holiday for us. Then what is
the point for us to stay at home but replace the class
another day? It better don't cancel the class what.
Weird school,weird lecturer.

I found that, I miss meetoto a little. Just a little okay.
And today ping pong lesson. Walau. I felt tired not
because of playing ping pong but catch the ball which
are so 'naughthy'.. o.O
And finally I can remember all the names of my group
members... *blush blush*
Chen Xin Yi, Yin Pei, Boon Keat, Li Ying, 'chen chen',
jia ling and yong gu. Assignments. GAWD!
Ping pong also have assignment. T__T
This is college. College.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Help!!!! ~.~
Keep sneezing today.

Don't know what to post.
Lazy and lazy.. I'm a lazy worm. XD
Nooo.... Mum said lazy no good.
So? So can't be lazy.. Must be hardworking.

ARGHH. My nose. Full of water... water+ish.
What is that? *sweat*+*doink* =P
I'm mad. blah. Just ignore me.
I don't know what to do. But I have a lot of things
to catch up and settle.. T___T
Blah. again.

Phoned her AT 11:59, 21/10/2008..
Proud that I'm the 1st to wish you...


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Woo hoo.
Had dim sum as breakfast at 'Bali Hai' with my uncle,
aunty, grandma and my sisters...
Erm.. the food are totally not as fresh as the shop
in Lip Sin there [I forgot the name].
Afterwards, we went 'bai bai' at Guan Yin Ting. many people there..
Back to Gurney after 'bai bai'.. We spent more than
half hour at popular. You can imagine how my
grandma felt... Yea yea indeed.. -Bored.
So i suggested to bring her to the fish spa and see how
it works. *sweat* Look at the clock, it is 12smtg in the noon.
Grandma said she felt sleepy cause she usually take a nap
during that time. So we decided to have some coffee.
I phoned my uncle. And he said will meet us up at Starbucks.
Woo hoo. Starbucks.
I had a try for Iced Greentea Latte.
[It is recommended by LaoLin]
Well. It tasted nice. My sis said it tasted weird
but I just like it. XD Ying Chia is working at there too.
Oh ya, I saw Jlan outside the shop after my coffee-time..

Iced blended Mocha and Iced Greentea Latte.

Acting cute..*doink*


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks GOD!
I passed all those 7 subjects..
Although my results are not very good..
But at least I got an A- for my English Language.
Well well... Phew.. Finally.. And luckily.
I didn't fail any subject. *yelling*

Okay okay.. Must start pia for this semester already.
Weeee...... hehe... Gambateh Tian Chia Chia!!

1.English for Communication
2.Mass Media Law
3.Public Relations
4.Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan
5.Chinese Modern Writing
6.Introduction to Electronic Publishing

Worh hard and hard~~~~ Harlo 6 of you...

Friday, October 17, 2008

At 風味 [Gurney] , 10.10.2008

Those food looked yummy..aren't it? =P

Mamma Mia...[Gurney] 13.10.2008

I like Amanda Seyfried!!

Snapshot of mua birthday prezzie...

From soya...


2nd page...


Signature from friends which same age with me..

From xx...



From small aunty...